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Why We Lie

Informative November 24, 2012 0

Are white-lies a big deal? Aren’t they less destructive than direct lies? Am I delusional?, or avoiding the truth? “The Truth Will Set You Free”, statement really sums up the understanding of how the impact of honesty can impact our day. Cleaning the slate each day or avoiding as... Read more

Grow in Your Sleep

Informative November 23, 2012 0

I personally find way too many reasons to sleep away hours of the day. Sometimes I feel it is the only time I can really shut down the engine and turn the world off if I am having a troublesome day. But this can be used as an avoidance... Read more
With 39 days left in 2012, it’s always important to keep in mind the progress you have made and to monitor the resolve you have made with goals set at the beginning of the year. Have you fallen short of a few of them? Have you forgot to even... Read more
  Public speaking is something we all would like to avoid at all cost, but in reality we all have to face this journey once or twice down the road, so why not be prepared. One of the most highly respected places where people go to groom themselves for... Read more
One of the best reasons to have music playing in the background as you begin to settle your mind through breath and posture is to distract your mind for a few minutes and allow you to place energy into something different and new for a couple minutes. Some people... Read more
What goals? I have none, does that make me a bad person? Most of the time we feel we are living life on the strong moral field but lack goals; so what’s the problem? The issue with not having direction of a goal in your life is that you... Read more
The sky is falling, help me!! How many times can we all relate to this place of needing a life raft and only seeking change when the pain is so obvious that it puts all things around you to a halt. Exiting through this pain comes from more self... Read more

Knowing When To Shift

Informative November 17, 2012 0

The awareness of when it is time to let go is so valuable. Knowing when to recognize when you have worked for many years on something that just is not ever going to be at where you want it to be. Not to say that these skills acquired through... Read more
  Earl Nightingale an early advocate and teacher in the mindset realm passes on the same concepts that our teachers today try to spread through their lectures and published work. Rarely does someone reinvent the wheel, but improve on it. The basic concepts that Earl Nightingale cover in this video... Read more
Ego protection comes in various forms, but delusional thinking and not taking responsibility are generally the first plateaus we need to break through. There is something in all of us that allows people stay stuck in problems. The comfort we find in problems in gross and detrimental but we... Read more
  Who determines what you will gravitate towards in life? Your parents, peers, workplace, education? Where do these individual drives of desire to tackle certain projects, play with different ideas come from. Some of my enjoyments out of life are so very different compared to most of the people... Read more
Tony constantly pushes the idea that we all have control of our own feelings. We can seek a different state of feeling through changing of state. This concept that through vocal and physical reaction the body and mind will follow. Have you tried aggressive affirming statements out loud with... Read more