Imagine if you will, sitting in front of three windows inside a room. All three windows have blinds covering them, allowing you to...


Imagine if you will, sitting in front of three windows inside a room. All three windows have blinds covering them, allowing you to see nothing through to the other side, but you know what lays in the views when the blinds are open from past experiences in this room. To shed a little light into the dark room you think it would be a good idea to open up one blind, but are unsure as of which window you want to peer through.

Each window you know holds views of such different angles and environments of your city. One view is of the bustling business district where commerce is buzzing, and people and rushing through the streets trying to get to their next meeting. The second window peers into a dark streets in the east end of the city where the streets and everyone in them have seen better days, the dark streets hold crime, addiction, poverty and rage. Finally, the last window holds one of the most peaceful views in town of the cascading valley, open and free wilderness untouched by man. Knowing all these windows offer views that can trigger different emotional reaction that we all need some times, you are careful to select the right window to empower your mood or gain you some inspiring perspective for the day.

Today you are feeling a bit overwhelmed so you chose to open up the blinds that are covering up the view of the valley, sunny and spacious. Knowing that view consistently brings you peace of mind, calmness and warm emotions you get a sense of awe before you even begin to pull the cord. Opening the window not only triggers a chain reaction of positive vibrations and thoughts within you , it casts powerful beams of light in the once dark room, bringing everything in it to life again.

Window Perpective View

 The ability to choose from the different windows today brought you such empowerment and well being. Now, imagine if we were to reference the windows as the perspectives we all choose to hold when we wake up and carry on through the day, and the blinds could be our ability to choose what we focus on.

Do we not each day have several environments and social groups from which we could pull strength and guidance from each day? Do we not have the ability to get of the house and seek a new path or gain new knowledge today that will better our vision and path in life? The answer of course is not worth stating, but the important part to focus on here is that if you know inside how different people, places, or things make you feel then who is to blame for the emotions that follow from the interaction? And, if this hypothetical idea were to be true, why would you constantly choose anything but situations that bring you pleasure, growth, and happiness?

How frequently we ignore the little interactions we have each day and brush them off as being of little or no value, when really each connection can be almost valued as a brick in a large wall. For every positive interaction that takes place we add one beautiful brick to our large goals/vision wall. The momentum is contagious and powering your subconscious mind more than you can put value on.

How often do you choose to hold the blinds open looking through the wrong window, when you could simply close the blinds and pick the adjacent window with a better view?

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