I Am Scholastically Inept

Inspire & Motivate May 19, 2018 0

I can’t edit. Call it dyslexia, call it a lack of thoroughness, but nonetheless I simply can’t edit my own work. I wish this was just hyperbole, used to arose your emotions, but sadly it’s not. This is an... Read more

Pieces Of Me

Spiritual May 7, 2018 0

A part of me wants to stay right where I am. A part of... Read more

Caught Up In A Generational Curse

Recovery Apr 28, 2018 0

Over the years I have heard people sling the term ‘generational curse’ around while... Read more

A Picture Lasts For-Never

Informative Apr 19, 2018 0

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Whistler last weekend, to take in... Read more

Never Ever Will I Have A Daughter

Informative Mar 23, 2018 0

I pray I don’t have a daughter. Not that I wouldn’t love the child... Read more


Caught Up In A Generational Curse
Over the years I have heard people sling the term ‘generational curse’ around while speaking on the subject of...
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Stepping Out of Old Habits & Into Deeper Mindfulness
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A Fifth Step – The Great Activator Of Serenity
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