#deletefacebook – A Reconciliation With Sanity

Failure Oct 8, 2018 4

I did something today that many have preached about, but few actually follow through with. I’ve wanted to join this group of wild renegades for a while now, but had always been met with tremendous internal resistance and justification.... Read more

Prescription Change Chaos

Health Sep 12, 2018 0

Imagine if you were suffering with cancer and the pills the doctor prescribed you... Read more

Obsession of the mind for the Dually Diagnosed

Recovery Aug 24, 2018 0

One of the biggest weaknesses of Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) is that mental health isn’t covered... Read more

Truth – The Only Path To Righteousness

Spiritual Aug 7, 2018 3

Sin, the missing of the mark, is such a layered topic. The visceral responses... Read more

An Extreme Skeptic’s Guide To Mindfulness

Health Jul 9, 2018 1

How many of you reading this right now believe that your thoughts can influence... Read more


Obsession of the mind for the Dually Diagnosed
One of the biggest weaknesses of Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) is that mental health isn’t covered in more depth. Millions of...
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Give Yourself The Gift Of A Fearless & Thorough Personal Inventory – Step 4
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Levitating From Insanity
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Three Phases Of Anger You Need To Learn About [VIDEO]
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