Social Media Industrial Complex

Informative Nov 16, 2017 0

Where would you visit if nobody could follow you on your journey? It’s incredible how frequently people travel – not with the passion to explore, but rather the passion to impress. By chance, did you question your own motives... Read more

The Enemy Wants My Mind More Than Anything Else

Recovery Nov 13, 2017 0

There is a resistance in me that is so subtle. It rises with such... Read more

These Beautiful & Brazen Women Will Fire You Up

Inspire & Motivate Nov 12, 2017 0

We may as well start things off with my personal favourite  (: If you... Read more

Could This Right-Winger Be Right About Your Man’s Wandering Eyes? [VIDEO]

Informative Nov 4, 2017 0

Dennis Prager is by no means a moderate, so this bold perspective on why... Read more
Making Peace With Heaven
Laying completely horizontal, I’m slowly carted off towards the pre-op room and parked in one of two holding position...


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The Enemy Wants My Mind More Than Anything Else
There is a resistance in me that is so subtle. It rises with such quietness, even the most vigilant...
Levitating From Insanity
Lord help me from making the same mental mistakes over and over again. The magnetism of self-pity seems to...
Stepping Out of Old Habits & Into Deeper Mindfulness
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