Top 25 Regrets I Lived With For The Last 20 Years And Choose Not To Live With Any More Top 25 Regrets I Lived With For The Last 20 Years And Choose Not To Live With Any More
Today I got to witness something I have always wanted to see. It was something many of you might not hold with much excitement,... Top 25 Regrets I Lived With For The Last 20 Years And Choose Not To Live With Any More

Today I got to witness something I have always wanted to see. It was something many of you might not hold with much excitement, but today I was charged by the experience.

I took a drive along the coast to a small town not far away from where I live, to grab a coffee and interrupt my morning contemplation. Half way through the drive I was struck by one of mother-nature’s creations. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this thing, and passers by would have witnessed me hunched over my steering wheel totally mesmerized by this incredible display of vibrant colour. Now I had seen a few rainbows in my time but had never seen one so up close and personal, not to mention the end of the rainbow too! It’s end seemed to submerge itself into the ocean only a stones throw away from me. Instantly my internal struggles vanished and then the world around me was put on pause.

Unfortunately it didn’t end in the ever so sought after pot of gold, but what it did reward me with was a minute or two of complete bliss and appreciation for life. I had been plagued with selfishness, and was only debating trivial things that would impact my identity. But, for those two minutes of connection with that colourful arch of freedom my priorities became clear again, and my thoughts began to shift back to substance and unity…..I felt a certain reassurance that everything was going to be OK, a blanket of warmth came over me.

As soon as the bliss left me a certain guilt spread through my thoughts as I arrived home. I felt like I had spent so many years of my life avoiding opportunities for such powerful connection. Admittedly, I was smothered by my own programming that I chose to never take a look at and correct. Today I now have the chance, just like you, to live with much more freedom. Today I get to live without these chains that hampered my growth, year after year, and wish to expose them to you in hopes that you will avoid some suffering in your own life.


Dear self, 

Here are the cheat codes I have uncovered in life that you need to incorporate into your life immediately. There is no numerical priority to them because your life is variable. I promise you that the activation of each one of these will help you on your odyssey through life. Additionally, please share these points with everyone who comes across your path. 


  1. Stop spending so much time with people who really don’t matter – One of the easiest ways to show love in life is to simply invest your time with others. Presence is all you need to bring, not gifts, witty brilliance or humor. Stop pissing away your time with people who you know damn well will never reciprocate that kind love.


  1. Not making your loved ones feel appreciated – One of the easiest ways you can make your loved ones feel cared for is to interrupt their day with an honest compliment of appreciation. Just let them know how happy you are for them being in your life.


  1. Living in fear of expression– Say what you need to say, and don’t skimp on expression.  Your thoughts and perspective are more than valuable and may just change someone’s life for the better. Always acknowledge your inner voice.


  1. Stop allowing self criticism to be your autopilot – This monster will always steer you off course in life. It will keep you distant from love, success, and freedom. Press the reset button and drop self criticism from your internal workings…..this step is crucial


  1. Not listening and trusting your gut – The heart connects you to something far more powerful than you will ever be able to understand, please acknowledge and trust that. Your mind may take a while to catch up with the choices your heart makes but they will eventually all make sense.


  1. Stop Letting other people’s opinion of you become your reality – Carve this phrase into your mind’s eye, “To Thine Own Self Be True”. Invest all you can into understanding yourself and your resilience will follow suit.


  1. Spending too much time in past failures – In hindsight past mistakes seem so easily avoidable. Better solutions or reactions seem so obvious after the fact, but you are using today’s insight to try and rectify a problem from the past. Trust that you were, and are always doing the best can you can with the knowledge you have at that specific time. (So is everyone else!)


  1. Not acknowledging your worthiness – Always remember you are no different than anyone else in this world. You have the same super powers as everyone else come across each day. There is nothing worse than feeling stuck due to the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself. No matter what….You Are Worth It! Fact!


  1. Placing my needs aside – You will need to keep your motivation tank topped up at all times if you want to win, and this investment of energy needs to be filled up every day. We all get one kick at the can, one crack of the whip called life. To help your needs to be manifested you might try to surround yourself with peer mentors that are seeking the after the same goals. Synergy my friend, synergy!


  1. Letting others take advantage of my kindness – Setting healthy boundaries with your emotional time is huge. You can’t heal everyone so stop trying. Be mindful of how some seem to suck the life out of you, you may be enabling this behaviour. Act as a gate keeper of your mind and energy. Be very selective of who you are investing into.


  1. Taking my support system for granted – We all have at least one or two people in our lives that we rely for strength and support. Make sure you let them know just how valuable they are to you on a regularly basis.


  1. Not appreciating the small things at the end of the day – Review each day to find things you are grateful for. There is always something there, no matter how bad your day was. This simple perception check will bring you some peace of mind before your head hits the pillow


  1. Activate Yourself Physically – Each of us is leased a physical form in life. We only get one of these bodies to operate in! If you regularly charge your physical form through exercise you will be rewarded chemicals released in the brain that are very pleasurable. This is your body giving you positive reinforcement for your action…do this often.


  1. Stop looking for other people to save you or bring you happiness – This is a draining quest that always leaves you empty handed. Happiness is an internal switch that can only be activated by self and not by an external circumstance, person or thing unfortunately.


  1. Not taking chances – We aren’t born with every skill needed to master life but you will be can educated with them as you expand your risk horizon in life. Please review to steps 6 & 8, right now!


  1. Keeping yourself in a box – Far too much time is spent lingering in failed events that limit your thinking. This will always keep you small in life. This is where can activate the tool of unity. Situate yourself with mentors or people striving for the same goal. This will charge you with necessary spirit needed to break through your limiting beliefs.


  1. Being devoured by depressive thought – There is not one person who has walked this earth without some cross to bear. The only difference is some people make the effort to strengthen their perception muscle, and then walk in that opportunity and faith. That choice is free of charge, and available for all of us.


  1. Not taking responsibility for my life – It’s easy to sit and analyze everything that seems unjust in your life, but these thoughts only keep you distant from freedom. Courage and strength is what you need to pray for right now! These traits need to be activated if you to look within and admit that something needs to change in your life.


  1. Wanting to impress people for the wrong reasons – As soon as you feel the need to start selling yourself to others you have already lost your value in yourself. The people that will be most pivotal in your life already see the valua in you and will highlight it for you to see along the way.


  1. Investing time into drama – You are not responsible for everyone’s well being, so stop pretending like you have an answer for everyone. When you pull the plug of presence in drama-filled situations you not longer act as an enabler of chaos and dis–ease.


  1. Not using the sharp tool of forgiveness – This angel on your shoulder needs to be fed daily. It’s guaranteed that you will be let down in life. It’s also guaranteed that you will let down others. Cutting yourself free from ruminating thoughts of resentment is such a powerful gift that will bring so much space into life.


  1. Obsessive thinking or trying to force things – This is cancerous thinking and will bring nothing but torment and frustration to your life. Stop pretending like your have control over everything in life. This fallacious reasoning will only brew a destructive force that you eventually surrender to. You are not weak or less-than when you let go.


  1. Not visiting cities you wanted to when you had the time – It is mandatory to explore this world, no matter your budget. Times is never refunded to you and responsibilities only seem to grow with age. Make this a priority while you have the time.


  1. Operating in arrogance – Call yourself down from any pedestal you find yourself speaking from. You will soon realize that everyone around you is far more intelligent than you gave them credit for.


  1. Constantly Judging Others – Comparison will never relieve you of insecurities when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin…ever! Compassion and kindness can bring you relief though. Each day look for something for something positive in people you cross paths with. That something is for you to uncover and not for the stranger to proclaim.


Sincerely, your future loving self!

Special Recognition

These are all skills that need to be developed. If you have failed to practice one of these points in your life today, not to worry! NO ONE has ever perfected these skills and I doubt will ever in the future. But, the great fact of the matter is that tomorrow we will be given another fresh start and opportunity to incorporate these changes into our lives.

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