Today alone there will be millions of people who attempt to solve a puzzle, start a business, start a relationship, create a meal, you...

Today alone there will be millions of people who attempt to solve a puzzle, start a business, start a relationship, create a meal, you name it, and will all fail today. They will crash and burn so hard they will tell their friends and family how much of a disaster their attempt was, and how much of failure they feel like.

Now if you consider the titling power that could have over the world if everyone of those people just said, “screw it, I give up”! What would be produced? where would the progress be, and where would the momentum start from again? Sounds so over the top and dramatic doesn’t it! Now think about those people you know that seem to come out on top know matter what seems to be thrown their way. Some may even call these people life-champions, or gifted. But, the only thing that makes any of these people different from you and I is their mindset and a won’t give up attitude.

These three tips I’m about to pass on to you are universally recognized in any of the successful Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, Steve Job, Mahatma Ghandi types. And, the most people part of the story is … can learn every single characteristic through practice.

 I – Honesty 

In all fairness this is one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to self reflection. We live in such a fast paced, critical world that the pressure to be of a certain standard really squeezes the life out of people. It’s like the 100 year old saying ” keeping up with the Jones”, but pumped up on steroids, and the Jones seem to dress better, learn more, and have more money than they did the previous month. When we feel there is no use in catching up we start to lie on our progress in life and where we stand instead of doing the honourable self-effacing and stating…..I’m really not doing that well and need help! The sooner you can get rigorously honest with yourself and where you are in life the sooner you can take action steps that will slowly pull you from the dark corners of life.

II – Persistence 

One of my favorite quotes spoken on the topic is ” persistence breaks down the walls of resistance” This brilliant quote passed on to my ignorant self while finishing my bachelor degree, and a memory I will never forget. We give in so easily after hitting a wall in the journey to chase down our dreams, this temporary lack of hope is completely deflating. It is during these what seems “rock bottom” situations we need to pull our pants up adjust our caps and adjust our approach a little. Just because it didn’t happen easily or on the first, second, third, fourth attempt does not mean it wasn’t meant to be. We need to realize that with every failure which takes place we are that much closer to reaching our goal.

III – Open Mind

Most of us are creatures of habit and strive to be in that place of comfortable repetition. We watch the same programs, listen to the same radio stations, eat the same foods, and generally interact with the same social circles each month. We find comfort in the almost stagnant predictable life, and shut our minds off from anything that may set us off kilter. We are raised to believe that it is bad to talk to strangers and don’t travel in areas that you aren’t familiar with, as if the who world is bad or harm us. We shut down so many lines of potential education and inspiration just because we don’t want to operate out of the comfort of status quo. If there is anything I have learned thus far on my journey is that some of the most important education I have experienced, and most beautiful gems I have picked up have been from these places I was told not to venture into growing up. Today I am on quest for knowledge from as many unique resources as possible because this knowledge and experience gained can only refine my products to be more efficient and of more value.

Now awareness is the key here and of course practice but at the end of the day if you are doing these littles things that others aren’t doing you grasp a little more momentum than them which at the end of the day can make all the difference between failure and success.


Seth Godin is a great example of “a failure” who developed in to a multi-million dollar success. He gives some insight on what mindset we need to keep moving forward with our generation.

Disagree with any of his points?

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