No matter what the situation is, or what you are struggling with in life,  a simple message of hope and guidance is sometimes all...

No matter what the situation is, or what you are struggling with in life,  a simple message of hope and guidance is sometimes all that we need to get back on the proverbial horse. Whether you struggle with depression, addiction, loss of job, loss of relationship, or feeling stuck in life these four books can inspire change in you, and give you that extra momentum we all need from time to time to move forward.


# 1 – Mindset – by Carol Dweck

My Favorite Book is Mindset by Carol Dweck and I have listened to it via audiobook and read the paperback version several times. It is all about disbarring the belief that people are born gifted, then traces through some of the experts in various fields that have reached the top and what barriers they had to conquer to reach their pinnacles of success. This book really leaves you with a sense of urgency to take action towards your goals. I love it !!


# 2 – You Can Heal Your life – by Louise L. Hay

Something we all struggle with understanding is the subconscious mind how it impacts our daily lives. Louise Hay is an expert at shining light on this topic, bringing solutions to a multitude of problems. You Can Heal Your Life changed my life in various ways, but most importantly it gave a me step by step process of how to interrupt negative thought patterns and replace them with solutions based self thinking. Self talk is incredibly important to monitor and change, this book really helped me learn to be my best friend instead of my worst enemy.


# 3 – A New Earth – by Eckhart Tolle

Since none of us really have the ability to stop thoughts from entering our minds, unless you are some sort of spiritual guru or monk, A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, brings some serious awareness on to the topic of being present. Growing up, all I ever wanted was for my mind to just shut off, my thoughts scared me to death. But today I have a solution to these non-stop repetitive thought patterns. Eackhart Tolle writes in detail about the human capacity to completely avoid what is right in front of us and place our thoughts in future worry, doubt and fear, then Eckhart explains how to slow down our mind and bring ourselves more serenity and thought control.


# 4 – Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life – by Wayne Dyer

Many people find it difficult to follow some of Wayne Dyer’s teachings, but this book is invaluable in my humble opinion. He dissects one of the most powerful spiritual writings called  Tao Te Ching or The Great Way. This book is sometimes hard to follow, so I got the audiobook version. This was fantastic to have for those painful drives to work in the morning. This book is great for those people who feel like they are constantly fighting with the world, forcing every move, never having anything go as planned. It connects the reader/listener with a couple thousand year old insights in how to align with your true life path.

Get your copies of these books ASAP, and start rewiring your brain for a new, much more powerful life. These books are small steps that will reward you greatly.


If you think I am missing any “must have” book. Please feel free to comment below =)

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