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Harland’s Story Will Definitely Shake Up Your #MondayMotivation
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Dom Mazzetti AKA Mike Tornabene Is Here To Re-Ignite Your Dreams [VIDEO]
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7 Questions You Might Be Asked During An Interview At Google
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A Walk Home To Remember
After spending a wonderful evening with my partner, we left the concert hall and began to walk down the street towards our car. We approached a church on the corner of a street where two homeless people sat with their shopping carts containing all their belongings. This was not unusual... Read more
We Got Hacked!

We Got Hacked!

Informative January 2, 2017 0

Yes, you read that correctly! For reasons yet revealed, our site was hacked last week. I was completely locked out of the site, and was left with completely powerless. I will admit to having a slight degree raw panic flushing over me, but the hosting provider was eventually contacted(which will... Read more
Typically Geniuses Are The Only People Who Can Read This
Not Everyone Can Read This. Can You? Mnay wluod tnihk yuo wuold hvae to hvae a sgtrane mnid to be raed a praargah lkie tihs. At frsit I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulactly raed seomhtnig so treribly wtitern mlyesf, but aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr... Read more
Why DIY Projects Are Good For You
DIY projects ebb and flow in overall popularity but the benefits they offer never change. Whether you want to tackle a sewing project or learn a method of painting or how to make something out of wood, items you make by yourself offer a great deal of personal satisfaction.... Read more
This Is What Every Website You Visit Could Know About You
This amazing website shows you all the data any website you visit can find out about you. The list includes your location, operating system, browser plugins, previously visited web page, local and public IP, service provider, social media networks you are logged into, devices on your local network, and... Read more
Prescription Drugs Couldn’t Possibly Be As Bad As Illegal Drugs, Could They ? [VIDEO]
Big Pharma are masterminds when it comes to smoke and mirrors marketing tactics. If their customers were all well informed on precisely what chemicals were included in the ‘medicine’, I’m fairly certain their sales would start taking a sharp turn for the worst. Adam is here to expose just how... Read more
Here Are A Few Million Dollar Ideas That Need To Be Invented
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These Ex-Gang Members Look Beyond Their Tattoos [VIDEO]
  This is an awesome Kickstarter project to support. There is only a week left! Read more
You Too Might Pick These 6 Personal Goals For 2017
Making New Year resolutions is a bit like having a German shepherd for a pet: fun to play with but difficult to maintain. At the start of January, many individuals resolve to better themselves; aiming for productivity in the future days. However, there is a small percentage of people... Read more
Clifford Joseph Harris Explains The Business Of Incarceration [VIDEO]
There is a lot more going on behind America’s mass incarceration policies than simply “keeping our streets safe”. Infamous gangster rapper, and underground king of the south- T.I has a few insights for the public on what really keeps the prisons filled. Now, I’m sure many of you find... Read more
Come See What Celebrities Look Like Without Photoshop
As an early 80’s baby I was fortunate enough to grow up in a world where every kid didn’t have their own smartphone to capture their every waking moment. Do you want to know what my first cell phone did? It made phone calls and sent text message, full... Read more