God Seems To Have Moved God Seems To Have Moved
” I feel distant from God today,” is one of the most common phrases you’ll hear from people who seek after God. While I... God Seems To Have Moved

” I feel distant from God today,” is one of the most common phrases you’ll hear from people who seek after God. While I too must confess to having spoken those very words over the years, I have learned to hold a different perspective on what that phrase actually means to me now.

If these words have slipped through your mouth from time to time, you might consider looking at the problem with a fresh set of eyes. Take some time to imagine God as a radio station that you tune into. Some days you wake up and turn on the radio receiver and we pick up the station loud and clear, and on other days all we seem to pick up is static, or better yet, the dial has moved to an entirely different station.

The transmission of God from his tower is constant, and it’s the receiver’s job to pick up the message and translate the radio waves into the sweet tunes we can enjoy from the moment we wake up until we rest our head on the pillow at night.

What I’ve come to believe is that all humans are created with a built-in receiver, and the ability to tune into God from birth. We like to pretend that seeking God primarily allotted to those who lead spiritual bodies in prayer and worship. This my friends is a lie.

It has also been revealed to me that while the transmission of God’s communicative waves are constant, I most certainly am not, and herein lies the problem and disconnect. One day I can see the power and wonder of life and the hand of God moving through things, and it is awe-inspiring. I go to bed with a full heart and then when I awaken the following day I can wake up feeling isolated, alone, and totally forsaken. What changed?

Was it what I ate the night before that changed the dial on the receiver? Was it the dreams I had? What about that I forgot to start my day in meditation and prayer?

God only knows.

Due to the many-layered variable factors that are at play when it comes to our human experience, I’ve found it best to forget about pissing away my valuable life-force energy on the problem and simply start dialing myself back in.

Here are some of the hang-ups that seem to regularly get in the way and disconnect me from God:

Lack of trust

Need for control

Pride or false pride

Not enough sleep

Harbouring resentments

An unforgiving heart

A focus on selfish motives and a desire to play God, or at least a demi-god.

It is easy to linger in this place of self-pity and insecurity when we feel distant from God, but that doesn’t change a damn thing. Why not use our magical magnifying minds to narrow in on the solution instead? The quicker we take action, the sooner we can be back in harmony with that wonder frequency of connection that truly takes precedent in life.

I think there is a reason why it is written in the Psalms that King David meditated on the Lord day and night, that Muslims pray five times a day and that people following Judaism are told to pray three times a day. I think the problem revolves around our insidious self-will that takes our eyes off the prize. We ruminate on our-self and how we can protect and better ourselves instead of focusing on the provider and creator of all things. We want to be demi-gods and to run the show, for we think we know better, and admitting defeat and surrender is often too big of a pill for our fragile egos to swallow.

So to defeat and rebuke this devil on our shoulders we discipline ourselves to return back to righteous thinking and behaviors. We do it multiple times a day if that is what it takes to bring ourselves back in-tune with God. And, in doing so, we somehow experience peace and an appreciation for life with much more ease.

While discipline doesn’t seem to be the easier softer way in life, I sure have found it to be far more rewarding than the alternative.

What will you choose?

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