Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative Today [VIDEO]
Here’s One Beautiful Way To Tolerate Isolation [VIDEO]
Go outside if you’re able, breathe the airthere are trees for huggingdon’t be embarrassedit’s your friend, it’s your mother,...
One Woman’s Path To God In Japan
わたしのチイサナココロ is a short documentary following the steps of one woman’s journey along the...
Many have said that we are on this journey in spirit but uphold the journey through physical form. As if to say that we really are just a mass of energy wrapped up in skin traveling through this vast universe, attempting to experience live with the most potency in... Read more
             The map of consciousness, developed by David Hawkins, was created to develop an understanding of how powerful our thoughts are, and how they directly influence our lives.  The testing uses a muscle reaction technique called Applied Kinesiology. The research was scientifically-validated and published in... Read more
The dread of the word disease is so ingrained in our fears that we feel hopeless when the unfortunate day arrives when the doctor informs you that have you one. For those people who go by the traditional historical definition, a disease is  – a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, infection, poisons, nutritional deficiency or imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environmental factors,... Read more
The Journey of thousand miles starts with a very small first step.    Having difficulty with meditation, a young monk seeks guidance from his master. “Great leader, I can’t seem to sit in a quiet place for long periods of time without loud thoughts entering my mind, what should... Read more
For many of those who find themselves on that spiritual quest that is so highly talked about these days, you might want to take some time to review the work of the American doctor , David Hawkins. He has pioneered a method of tuning your mind via power vs force... Read more
Faith in something far greater than ourselves is generally a mystical idea, reserved only for the wise-men and women who have devoted their existence to the journey of seeking this ‘God” idea. Billions consider a faith in some thing or in someone greater than themselves to be one of... Read more
We constantly seek external confirmation, or praise, to value our own self worth from others. This recognition fades quickly and needing more pampering or ego initiates more attention seeking behaviours, whether it be constantly uploading pictures on Facebook for ‘likes’, creating drama so people will feel bad for you,... Read more
Being lucky enough to be visiting Vancouver, British Columbia last week I went to The Shambhala Centre just outside the downtown core, over the Cambie St. bridge. at W16th (couple streets down from this intersection). The goal was to take part in their open house, where they offered guided meditation instruction... Read more
Changing my standards in life start as soon as my feet hit the ground every day. Conditioning your state and mindset as soon  as you wake up every single morning. Create that momentum we all need right off the bat. Give yourself time to maximize each day with a... Read more
Can’t let go of the past?, Dwelling on a factor in your past that you can’t detach from? I think it is completely normal to feel this way. We all make mistakes, and some have serious consequences of long term regret that really takes dissolving the emotions associated with the... Read more
For a very easy read that gives you some motivation to move forward through struggle, I suggest you run to your local Barnes and Noble or Chapters and pick up Louise Hay & Cheryl Richardson’s book called You Can Create An Exceptional Life. These two brilliant ladies take the... Read more
Tony constantly pushes the idea that we all have control of our own feelings. We can seek a different state of feeling through changing of state. This concept that through vocal and physical reaction the body and mind will follow. Have you tried aggressive affirming statements out loud with... Read more