Many have said that we are on this journey in spirit but uphold the journey through physical form. As if to say that we...

Many have said that we are on this journey in spirit but uphold the journey through physical form. As if to say that we really are just a mass of energy wrapped up in skin traveling through this vast universe, attempting to experience live with the most potency in the present moment.

I don’t know about you but that scares the shit out of me!

What is this whole spirituality stuff all about anyway? I know years ago I would have said there are no gods, I live life through action, conquering the next person on my way to the top, achieving goals and rewarding myself with worldly possessions. The problem with all that exciting storybook-like approach to life is that, it gets old. At some point in our lives we begin to start seeking bigger answers to the questions that have been nagging us and we have smothered deep down inside. The questions keep on popping up and finally we begin to shed some light on potentially healing thoughts.   


So, You Want Me to Live Spiritually Now?

The Awakening Begins! 

Herbert Spencer once said that “there is a principle which is bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” Now, how can anyone really listen and learn with a defensive mind. The walls are up, the mind is closed and we take notes just to prepare for a quiz instead of the application into our day. If we approach life with a willingness to learn, we are quickly amazed see the lies we have been living and wisdom we have been missing out on every day!

One of the most interesting things about men and women especially in this day and age is that we suffer from entitlement. There is a voice inside of all of us that says, “hey man, you don’t need to do that work, you are smarter and faster than most people. Those rules don’t apply to everyone anyways, and surely not to someone as intelligent as you are.” Silencing that voice is an incredible journey in itself, but vital task if you want to really experience some life changing growth.

There is an incredible resource out there that never existed in any other generation before that allows us to connect to answers even while we are out for a run in the middle of a desolate park (yes, the internet!). So why aren’t we using it to seek solutions instead of distract ourselves with social comparison and video streaming that dumbs us down even more? Think of how much of your week is spent on compare and contrast meaningless thoughts on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter! If you spent even a small portion of that time on personal development, don’t you think your life would be a little bit more refined?

We appear different through physical form, but our ability is basically all too comparable! We all can follow in the footsteps of leaders in any field, to become the great experts that we desire to become. Trusting the process that is filled with discipline and gruelling work! For instance, if Mr. John earns that much money, and Billy can bench press that much weight, and Steve can meditate for X amount of time then there has to be a set of steps of principles that I can follow to obtain the same results (Yes You Can).

For myself, this took many years living a subpar life in fear before I began to seek something different than the status-quo approach to my days! All I knew is that I didn’t want to be the 50 year old guy suffering with life and wishing I approached the questions earlier on my journey. I thought, I needed to stop this cycle in advance and get some internal education before neural pathways start firing with less potential.

What I’ve Learned On The Journey So Far

Ignorance is NOT bliss! Ignorance is just lack of knowledge. When I live life in ignorance I stay sick, I stay depressed, I stay fearful, and I live in a world where people are better than me. Never the confidence to think I will truly be able to reach that mountain top of abundance that so many people seem to have reached. The more I read, the more I work on myself, the more I connect others the more I am rewarded. Let’s face it, most of us live on auto-pilot, we focus and study other people in hopes of impressing them, we neglect our own internal dialogue and the impact it has on our psyche. The suffering each day that I chose to experience is usually just based on my highlighted thoughts of the day, and rarely a reflection on the external environment around me!

Benefits? You Bet!

Life’s journey has sure taken me away from the glam of pride filled accumulation to a minimalist life filled with overbearing stimulus (much less anxiety). Just writing this down amazes me considering where my perception was focused on only just a few years ago! The Alpha male inside of me still wants to lash out with a power struggle or two at times but the experience is usually short lived ( what a blessing)! My relationships are now established on a very strong footing, not to mention the connection I have with myself. But, most importantly I believe I have something to offer today!

Where Can You Begin?

I know a lot of the readers of GrowthGuided are at similar jumping off point in their life and want some mentorship along the way. I don’t think I can really sit hear and dictate a path that will really apply to every single one of you, but the best advice I was given was just to start. Pick up  that book you have been telling yourself you need to read and never get around to.  Usually one book or piece of knowledge leads to the next. The more information you read, the most question you might have and the drive for answers deepens. The important part is to set aside your power-hour for knowledge each day.

7 Days A Week?

Yes, absolutely every day take at least 30-60 minutes to read something of substance that is going to greater your knowledge base! Just think about McDonald’s for one moment. The golden arches are ingrained into our minds because we are bombarded by their marketing everywhere. So immediately when someone says hamburger your mind visualizes their ads, and in an almost Pavlovian fashion you may even start salivating at the idea of a big mac.

Why not apply that same strategy to your own personal exploration and growth? You want be great at what you do, don’t you? So honour yourself with the education and growth each day! You will be amazed at how much your life begins to develop.


What do you read each day to help develop your mind?


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