Faith in something far greater than ourselves is generally a mystical idea, reserved only for the wise-men and women who have devoted their existence...

Faith in something far greater than ourselves is generally a mystical idea, reserved only for the wise-men and women who have devoted their existence to the journey of seeking this ‘God” idea.

Billions consider a faith in some thing or in someone greater than themselves to be one of their greatest foundations in life, and have grown to rely upon this power for constant guidance.

Can they all be wrong? Can the billions of people around the world all be wrong? I think we all would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t have some curiosity about this “God” experience they speak so highly of.

But what about all the denial and disbelief that may be surfacing in your mind around this topic?

There is no short form answer here for you, but having an open mind and leaning away from our fear based proof seeking nature may take some patience!

To break it down in a more relatable fashion, I will walk you through the story of Joe.

Joe is new and town and has had some mechanical issues with his car and needs to get it fixed, but doesn’t know which is the best garage in town. He has been asking around for suggestions from the people who he has met so far in town about who they would be the favourite mechanic and a couple of his friends suggest John’s Garage.

The new acquaintances claim that the service and prices are excellent at John’s Garage, and feel that John runs a very trustworthy business in town. Joe not being totally convinced yet and somewhat sceptical continued to ask around for guidance through his landlord, the barber and his favourite waitress at the local diner. They all too suggested John’s Garage as the safest place to go.

Joe now feeling more assured with his choice decided to take his car into John’s Garage. John and the boys restored his car back to tip-top running condition, and the job was done for a very reasonable price. Joe’s fears that he might get ripped off have been totally quieted and Joe now feels very relieved after the great experience.

John’s Garage has proved to Joe that they are a great business and Joe has faith in the business. Joe will definitely return to John’s Garage in the future when he needs anything else fixed. He then takes the time to thank his friends for the safe guidance.

We aren’t all so different when it comes to Joe and his trust issues. Having faith initially of the unknown is scary, but it doesn’t need to always been regarded with such negative anticipation. Once we have gained a connection or have our faith enrolled we can then look back at the situation, reviewing that our scepticism had been nothing but a waste of time and worry, wishing we had just let go to begin with!




Have you struggled with faith?
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