This Clever Artist Is Sure To Awaken Your Comical Genius
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A Solid Dose Of Science & Spirituality Brought To You By Joe Dispenza
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I Am Scholastically Inept
I can’t edit. Call it dyslexia, call it a lack of thoroughness, but nonetheless I simply can’t edit my...
A Depiction Of Depression That You Might Be Able To Relate To [VIDEO]
Today is world suicide prevention day. This video outlines what it feels like to be living with depression. Talk to a health care professional today if any of this video resonates with you. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of dealing with these thoughts and feelings sooner rather than later.... Read more
It’s Time To Learn More About Bipolar Disorder [VIDEO]
A lot of times people will think of mental illnesses as being something that’s within the control of the individual, and the individual will often think that as well, feeling tremendous guilt when they do have episodes of either mania or depression. And so the first thing is realizing... Read more
It’s Time To Learn About Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [VIDEO]
Keep in mind that just because this video has it’s solution based in cognitive behavioral therapy, that it isn’t the only approach to healing the overwhelming thoughts and feelings associated with this serious mental health issue. Let this video serve as a gentle reminder that there is a way... Read more
Lots Of Love For Wil Wheaton And His Vulnerability About His Mental Illness [VIDEO]
The team over at UROK showcases a wide range of individuals suffering with mental illness in hopes of combating the isolation associated with the disorders. Many of you know Wil Wheaton as a champion of geek culture through his acting career in television and movies, but few probably know... Read more
Bedridden With Anxiety But Anna Still Moves Forward On Her Dream [VIDEO]
I may have had a few tears forming around my eyelid region today after watching this video (: Read more
Mental Illness Is Getting Worse Not Better – Mental Health Facts
I’d like to thank Roger Maunder and his team for putting this great information together! Read more
The Biological Basis of Depression [Video]
previously, previously, previously Read more
Don’t Fight The Burden of Depression and Anxiety Alone
I have huge admiration and care for people who suffer with mental illnesses. As many of you know I have struggled with deep depression and traumatic panic attacks that have debilitated me in the past. Fortunately today, I am very blessed to say that I don’t struggle as much... Read more
Seductively your mind cycles through another struggle in life and reacts with pain and suffering of the mind. We lay trapped in a place of solitude and regret, “Oh no, here it comes again!” You can almost feel yourself slipping off the edge of a mental cliff, falling into... Read more
As you sit reading this post, what thoughts are you or have you been holding on to today? Do you think if these thoughts are of the negative variety (fear, anxiety, depression), do you think there are physical consequences to the thoughts you are holding? If you could look... Read more

Help For Depression

Informative December 18, 2012 0

One of the most difficult things to do is get off pills that adjust your dopamine and serotonin systems. The fear associated with coming off these pills could cause anyone to have a nervous breakdown, but it is possible to live without antidepressants. Dependant on your severity of your... Read more
 For those of you who suffer from chemical imbalance and resist the pharmaceutical solutions offered so easily from any local doctor, there are many other solutions you can begin to work with to feel better. Regardless of what you think or feel, your thoughts direct your feelings. We attach emotions to... Read more