One Woman’s Path To God In Japan
わたしのチイサナココロ is a short documentary following the steps of one woman’s journey along the...
This Clever Artist Is Sure To Awaken Your Comical Genius
Artist Gao Youjun, who goes by Tango, has created a brilliant set of drawings for your viewing pleasure. If...
A Solid Dose Of Science & Spirituality Brought To You By Joe Dispenza
This weekend I traveled to Nanaimo, British Columbia to attend the Science & Spirituality Conference. There were hundreds of...
Days filled with complexities and decision making strategies make it difficult  to decipher what needs be acted on immediately and what should be set aside for further internal debate. Time is referenced in short supply and we are taxed to answer emails, make phone calls, return text messages, book... Read more
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A very wealthy man raised a beautiful son who was given all the finest luxuries life could offer, yet the son had the belief that he could live more fulfilled under his own accord. The son being caught with wild emotions of pride and grandeur was certain that separation... Read more
Based in parable, a western man goes for a walk in a near by forest and comes across a brilliant sage. Throughout their connection are guided stories, tests, and experiences in the wild, the sage challenges Millman to examine 12 principles that underlie human existence. balance choice process presence... Read more
  Do we guide our confidence through successful experiences, or is confidence something that is nurtured into our minds from early childhood development? How is it that two children can be raised in the same community, attend the same school, are raised in identical socio-economic pressures and yet one... Read more
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Manifestation of False Pride
  At a young very young age our minds are fed with notions like “take pride in the work you do” or “be proud of yourself”, but do we value the consequences of holding this lens on the world?  I remember hearing voices from teachers and coaches telling me to “hold... Read more
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Big Thanks to Henrik Edberg for taking the time to write this great post. Although the words and quotes from Bruce Lee may not be of his own creation, they are very fitting for his character. I think it is important to latch onto a motto or two to keep... Read more