Remember, each bite counts!  Each morning you have a chance to connect and start your day with substance. Take the 10 minutes it would...

Remember, each bite counts! 

Each morning you have a chance to connect and start your day with substance. Take the 10 minutes it would usually take to prepare and eat your meal in a usual rush and break it down into a bunch of small experiences, recognizing the power held within each moment.

Waking up this morning you might have a craving for a delicious bowl of raisin bran cereal (or any cereal you like).

You jet out of your room and head down stairs in a mad dash for the kitchen, hoping to grad a few calories before heading off to your meeting, bus, train, interview, appointment, etc.

You have had cereal for breakfast for years and the process has become so automatic at this point that you really don’t need to think about the steps that are involved of finding that cereal in the cupboard, pouring the cereal in the bowl and then eating it. This process is done unconsciously and your mind is usually focused on the next task at hand for the day ahead of you.

This cycle causes you to become flustered and tense because your mind expects perfection and you think that you need to prepare every aspect of the event in advance. If this sounds familiar, you might want to let go to this typical morning routine and give yourself a chance to greet the day on a much more pleasant level. Always remembering that you will be ready and more than capable of handling any event that comes your way today. The planning department in your mind can take the morning off to rest!


  • Focus all of your  attention on your feet when they hit the floor of the kitchen. How does the floor feel on your toes and the ball of your foot? Is the floor warm or is it cold? Where is the pressure most felt in your toes? Are you off balance ? Is the ground smooth and slippery, or if it is wood flooring, can you feel the grooves between the floorboards?
  • Think about your deliberate approach to the cupboard. Where is the handle located, on the left or right side, high or low? What hand are you reaching with to open the door? How does the handle now feel in your hand? Can you feel the tension in your hand as you clasp your fingers and pry the door open?
  • Now that you have the cereal box in your hand and begin to pour the contents into a bowl. Where are you holding the box? How heavy does the box feel in your hands? Monitor the sounds of the cereal bouncing off the bottom of the bowl and the flakes and raisins filling to your preferred level in the bowl.
  • Now as you stand or sit, focus on what hand is holding the bowl? Examine the milk, how does it cover all of the pieces in the bowl? As you sink your spoon into the cereal and then bring the spoon now filled with delicious raisins and bran flakes to your mouth, can you feel the contents enter your mouth? Where is there pressure felt, on your tongue, cheeks, or roof of the mouth? Can you feel the difference texture of the milk, flakes and raisins? How many bites do you chew before you are inclined to swallow the contents?
  • Where are your thoughts? Bring them back! Your meeting and responsibilities can wait for just a few more minutes of sustenance.
  • As you swallow, can you feel the cereal making its way down your throat to your stomach?
  • How do you feel? Have you felt a slight change in mood? Do you feel slightly more satisfied now that you nourished the body?
  • Now take this moment to smile, you are now in flow with this beautiful experience that you had taken for granted for so long and now experience with joy!


The application of mindfulness to any activity is very simple, yet challenging because it pulls your from the habitual mindset of avoiding the moment by focusing on the past or future events!

See if you can break down other daily events and share your experiences below!

For more non-formal approaches to meditation!

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