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Homeless To University Grad – Barriers Mean Nothing To Kenneth Chancey [VIDEO]
Being raised on skid-row with his family and finally finishing his last two years of his degree while living at Union Rescue mission, Chancey epitomizes the idea of starting from the bottom. Let his tenacity be your strength for your own struggles today! Persistence my friends, persistence! “I climbed... Read more
Incredibly Successful Authors Who Were Rejected Over And Over Before Fame Struck!
  How easily we scoff at Alexander Sinclair for rejecting U2 in their early years of production. In hindsight it was a clearly terrible mistake that was made for not signing the group, but just like U2 you would be amazed at home many hugely successful people were told to... Read more
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Prime Your Life For Success – The Water Well Story
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Holy Heaven Dark Angels, we have a believer!  For those who take the time to really seek background info about the books they love, let’s examine an author who believes she is much closer to God than the rest of us, Kathleen McGowan. Claiming to the world that she... Read more
The great synonym for error we all chose to use so frequently is failure. We are taught from early age to avoid any situations or actions that may lead to the resolve of this feeling or notion of inadequacy. So it is no wonder that we sit in a... Read more
Failure is Part of Success
Fail your way to success is something Les Brown continues to preach at his seminars. The concept that reaching your pinnacle is all process of being terrible at something and not giving in, because no matter what you are striving towards it’s a promise that you will eventually get... Read more