Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative Today [VIDEO]
Here’s One Beautiful Way To Tolerate Isolation [VIDEO]
Go outside if you’re able, breathe the airthere are trees for huggingdon’t be embarrassedit’s your friend, it’s your mother,...
One Woman’s Path To God In Japan
わたしのチイサナココロ is a short documentary following the steps of one woman’s journey along the...
Maybe A Little Insanity Or Madness Might Be Good For You After All [VIDEO]
The team over at School Of Life shake things up a bit today, with their new perspective towards sanity that I have a tendency to side with. What do you think? We are not automatons, but highly complicated volatile collections of proteins that needs careful and sympathetic administration. We should expect that... Read more
A Rich Man’s Parable About Life
A financially wealthy man decided to take his son with him across the country to prove a point. His goal was to show his son what it meant to live without much money, and just how people lived with little to no money every day. After going from state... Read more
Fuck It – Do Whatever The Hell You Want To [VIDEO]
Michelle Lane suggests doing whatever the fuck you want to do in life, and has some serious weight to back her opinion. Check out her powerful minute long video below. Read more
Kanya Sesser – Champion Of Life [VIDEO]
This is Kanya Sesser, the 23 year old beauty who was born without legs in Thailand and was abandoned by her parents on the steps of a Buddhist Temple. Her attitude is magical. Her limitations are imaginable, and her personality will electrify you. I wish I had a fraction... Read more
Shane Doan & Josh Collmenter Have A Few Words Of Wisdom To Share With You [VIDEO]
As the year comes to a close today, we all have the tendency to be a little big more sentimental than usual as we reflect over the year. What would you have done differently? How would you have extended yourself more grace in 2015, or the years of the past? These two... Read more
Roger Crawford Knows No Limitations When It Comes To Living Life [VIDEO]
With that nasty word “resolution” being tossed about more frequently with only two days left of 2015, we need to shift our attention away from deep-rooted limitations and barriers that our psyche loves to latch itself to.  What better example to illustrate an ability to suspend disbelief than Roger Crawford. Having... Read more
Six Messages Parents Need Reinforce To Their Children In 2016
The fertile soil that is the mind of a child needs to be nourished daily with affirming words to pluck away at the restrictive weed seeds that society will attempt to plant in their minds. Here are six messages that you could regularly reinforce to your child in 2016 to encourage their uninhibited spirit. “I... Read more
Here Is Some Spoken Word To Remind Us What’s Really Important In Life [VIDEO]
Check out more of Gary’s work here. Read more
Here’s A Beauty Of A Perspective From Michael Strahan [VIDEO]
If Prince EA Would Settle For One Label It Would Be Love [VIDEO]
This eye-opening video explores the topic of judgment and how we all operate with a certain level of exclusionary bias in how we treat one another, but it never has to be this way. Read more
This 93 Year Old Producer Has A Few Words Of Wisdom For You Today [VIDEO]
Norman Lear, the American television writer and producer of shows like All In The Family, Good Times and The Jeffersons to name a few carries an interesting perspective about happiness in life. His wisdom might just rub off on you today as you attempt to reach for your own... Read more
Prince EA Wants You To Keep Moving Forward [VIDEO]
With his huge success over the last year or so, Prince EA continues to amass a huge following online. With close to 400,000 subs on his Youtube Channel with over 40 million views of his uploaded videos to date, he is showing no sign of slowing down. He has historically... Read more