Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative Today [VIDEO]
Here’s One Beautiful Way To Tolerate Isolation [VIDEO]
Go outside if you’re able, breathe the airthere are trees for huggingdon’t be embarrassedit’s your friend, it’s your mother,...
One Woman’s Path To God In Japan
わたしのチイサナココロ is a short documentary following the steps of one woman’s journey along the...
Is There A Chance You Are A Perfectionist? – Infographic
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Could 80% Of The Population Be Genetically Wired For Optimism?
If I’m positive about one thing in life, it`s that I’m negative. This video is definitely going to raise some serious controversy. To plant even a single seed in someones mind that they were born with pessimism flowing through their being is rather disastrous. Do you think people might... Read more
If You Remember One Thing Today, It’s That Mirrors Lie [VIDEO]
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The Cookie Thief – Perspective Poetry – Valerie Cox
Valerie Cox  – The Cookie Thief A woman was waiting at an airport one night, With several long hours before her flight. She hunted for a book in the airport shops. Bought a bag of cookies and found a place to drop. She was engrossed in her book but... Read more