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I Am Scholastically Inept
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Here’s A One Minute Pep Talk From Prince EA About Friendship [VIDEO]
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It always amazes me how quickly people will run out to the store to purchase a book written by Tony Robbins or Wayne Dyer during tough times in their lives, in hopes of learning techniques to better or make sense of their life. These books are usually a couple hundred pages long and... Read more
Alan Watts Might Just Help You Die Today [VIDEO]
  Here is a more stimulating video with a similar message from Alan, but I prefer the first video for its simplicity. You might find yourself watching this video over and over again while attempting to grasp this concept of surrender, hopefully taking more from it each time you watch... Read more
Learn About Life Through A Wintertime Parable
It was snowing. It was quiet and peaceful. The fluffy snowflakes slowly circled in a captivating dance, slowly falling to the ground. Two snowflakes flying closely to each other began to strike up a conversation. To avoid drifting away from each other, they grabbed on to each other as the floated through the sky. One of the snowflakes said cheerfully: Snowflake... Read more
Alan Watts Preaches Some Truth Tonight About Letting Go [VIDEO]
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A Rich Man’s Parable About Life
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