Most of us experience 60,000 plus thoughts a day. This bombardment of ideas is very rarely unique and original and most of our days...

Ruminating Thoughts

Most of us experience 60,000 plus thoughts a day. This bombardment of ideas is very rarely unique and original and most of our days are spent reaffirming stories and thoughts to ourself over and over. The cycle of thoughts wire our brains and create neural pathways that slowly establish themselves as not just thoughts, but as belief systems that dictate our future judgment.

For those people who suffer with ruminating thoughts, there can be an almost self-fulfilling prophecy put in motion that hold negative consequences, imagined or real. We weren’t born with “out of control” thinking patterns but were nurtured along the way to think this way, whether it be self directed or not. So we can learn new ways of approaching our thoughts and putting new perspective on the view of the world around us.


You live in a home with beautiful bay windows that look over a large garden that you love to sit back and admire. One day while sitting in your living room looking out into your garden you suddenly see a white horse trotting by. You are shocked and confused about where this horse came from. You don’t own any animals, but horses are fairly common in your neighbourhood. Instead of carrying on with your day of relaxation and appreciation of the beautiful landscape you get off your armchair and make your way towards to window. You are intrigued by the horse and want to look at it in more detail. After a minute or two of looking at the horse your interest brews and you make your way outside to get a closer look. The horse is slowly making its way out of your yard, but your curiosity gets the best of you and you begin to follow suit for more examination.

Now step back from this story for a second and think how closely your thoughts relate to this horse. We are sometimes scared or confused by random thoughts and we don’t let them go. We could have remained seated in the armchair of life and let the horse come into focus and then pass through our window view, or we can get up and follow the thought and analyze it to death. And, this is exactly what we do when we get stuck in these destructive thought cycles that can consume our day. We chose to hold on to random and some times scary thoughts and dwell on them, attaching all our emotion and energy to the thoughts. Since we now how associated so much internal connection with the thought it is no surprise that it is hard to shut it off. Our mind now places high worth on the thought because we have nurtured it with so much attention.

To remain stuck in destructive rumination is a choice we make each day. Separate yourself from the same story you have been telling yourself and let it go. Stop fuelling the fires that burn down your self worth, well-being and in turn increase the release of stress hormones. Start utilizing this analysis talent of yours to create beneficial thought patterns, a positive prophecy of hope and freedom that you are deserve!



Caveat: This takes time to create new belief and thought patterns, so start small and trust the process. Negative rumination didn’t start from nowhere, you nourished these thoughts and repeated them to yourself over and over. The exciting part is there is a way out, and you can utilize your powerful mind to your benefit, via empowering positive thoughts. =)


What do you use to switch your train of thought?

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