Visualize for a moment or two, a so called bum sitting up against an office building in the downtown core, sitting with a hat...

Visualize for a moment or two, a so called bum sitting up against an office building in the downtown core, sitting with a hat in front of him asking for spare change.

What are your first reactions to the situation? What are your belief systems instantly triggering you to think and feel?

Now try and examine this individual from various levels of consciousness.

Shame – The bum looks useless, filthy and worthless

Guilt – The bum is responsible for his condition. The bum deserves to be homeless with nothing going on in life.

Hopelessness – He looks desperate, society can’t do anything to help back on his feet to independence. It’s a sad case with no solution.

Grief – The old man looks tragic, friendless and all alone.

Fear – We think he is causing societal issues, potentially you might need to call the police to get him off the streets before he breaks the law again.

Desire – He may stand as a representation of a bigger problem. You questions why society isn’t doing anything for these type of people in need.

Anger – You feel frustrated that this social failure exists. You worry the bum might come across aggressive and maybe even violent.

Pride – The bum seems to lack the self respect needed to take control of his life and better himself.

Courage – We think about his living standards and think if there are food banks around or shelters to help him get on his feet and then hopefully can gain employment.

Neutrality – The bum may look interesting, and probably has a great life story and is doing ok. Allowing him to continue in his life just as is, for he does not hurt anyone directly.

Willingness – We walk by the bum and ask him gently if there is something that you could help him. You hope to be of service or giving a helping hand, potentially you start looking into volunteering at local shelters.

Acceptance – The bum is in this situation for reasons that are far too hard to comprehend from a simple glance and judgement. The bum might be carrying an interesting life story to share with the world.

Reason – The man is simply a result of a larger problem with societal and economic issues that need to be assessed with great detail and action. You may even find that this homeless man is qualified to receive a government grant.

Love – The bum is a person, no different than anyone else in regards to value in this world. He deserves all the attention and kindness from society. You feel a need to connect with this person and think they have lots to offer this world.

Change your vantage point


Because of our own nurturing and education thus far in life we carry beliefs that may not be accurate. These beliefs are so ingrained in our subconscious minds that we view them as our only truth. If you change the lens which you view situations with you can gain significantly different perspective on the world around you. Potentially this lens you carry around needs to be replaced for a brighter perspective on things. It is all a choice!

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