After a long day of fishing the bright sea, an Indian fisherman heads home to port. The sea with its endless potential treated him...

After a long day of fishing the bright sea, an Indian fisherman heads home to port. The sea with its endless potential treated him very well today and he was sure to gain huge reward after selling his catch. The fishing market had been bustling as of recent and the demand for the fisherman’s delicious catch was steadily increasing. But as usual, doubt stayed lingering in the back of his head, constantly in anticipation of things to come. Regardless of the very positive financial return for his hard work the last few months, he couldn’t seem to stay in a perspective that looked for the silver lining in the clouds. Holding the view that with every silver lining there is always a cloud.

The quiet introverted man rarely stopped at the local pubs to socialize with other fisherman, discussing the successes or failures of the day in the battle against the great ocean. It was a shame to most of the younger workers because he had so much to offer in skill and talent. The fisherman had developed incredible skills after years of habitual practice, day in day out, mastering his trade. Regardless of his talent and admiration by his peers he had always felt very uncomfortable in social gatherings. His fear of judgment and thought to be inability to communicate well with people made him shy away from social activities.

Fear he struggled to understand, but a fear in his heart he knew so very well. He was an expert at negative anticipation over the years and was far more comfortable in the solitude of his own home. So he left the docks and began to make his way back to his humble abode.

After crossing through his village where children played in the streets he slowly approached his property, surround by beautiful shrubbery. He had lived in his home for the last 40 years, never thinking about creating a family for himself because he always thought he would be a bad father. Just a couple feet from his front porch he froze in his tracks, crippled with fear. He saw a king cobra curled up on his porch.

His heart couldn’t take the overwhelming shock, inducing a catastrophic heart attack that claimed his life only a few steps from his home. The next day his friend came by to catch up, but was brought to tears as he collapsed to his knees to hold his friend’s lifeless body. He had no idea what could have happened, and was confused why there was a large roped coiled up on the front porch.

A belief system that was nurtured so regularly with fear took control of his fate. “Thoughts become things”, echoes in the back of our minds, but do we really understand the power of our beliefs?

Your actions are always a reflection of your beliefs, and the beautiful thing is you have all the power to create new belief systems. Form your new belief systems to align with love and empowerment, to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of freedom and joy in life.

 Change Beliefs
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