Is Mindfulness Enough? Is Mindfulness Enough?
Making myself a priority hasn’t ever been easy. I seem to have an inherent ability to give everything else around me all of my... Is Mindfulness Enough?

Making myself a priority hasn’t ever been easy. I seem to have an inherent ability to give everything else around me all of my attention, emotion, and love. The consequence of this practice is that I eventually hit an emotional wall, start to carry a tremendous amount of tension in my body and anxiety starts ramping up. Although we call them anxiety attacks, I’ve found that rarely has my nervous system actually been threatened by external stimuli.

From my experience, the typical agitation comes as a result of a deeply rooted subconscious mind reacting traumatic events that continually replay from years ago as if the events were actually taking place today. My body is still trying to “save me” even though I’m under no real threat. The threat may be of the imagined variety, but the symptoms still paralyzed and limit my life.

One can only handle this degree of dis-ease for so long before depression starts to kick in, and things spiral from there. I have experienced this breakdown cycle countless times, and yet I still find myself in a panic every time like it was the first time. Why this comes as a surprise to me is bewildering, but the troubles of the mind are very complex, but not without refuge. Hundreds of years before Christ ever set foot on this earth, the book of proverbs(12:25) even outlined this detrimental cause and effect relationship of anxiety, so I know that I’m not alone in this insidious cycle of the mind.

There are several options to interrupt this cycle on a short term basis, medically and holistic, but I have found that the most consistent remedy to my anxious state is through some proactive work that many of us tend to avoid, myself included. This practice has been a powerful tool in the human experience for thousands of years, and in 2019 we try to sell it as a watered-down experience that requires less discipline and call it mindfulness. This my friends is a cop-out as far as I’m concerned, and just another sneaky tactic of the psyche to avoid the real investment of energy and work that is needed for the practice to begin to integrate into your mental landscape.

Meditation is a powerful scientifically investigated and validated solution to mental discord. At this point in my years of practice, I have come to depend on it for my wellness routine, and it has intervened with zero side effects. Klonopin and Seroquel may be sold as effective in the short term, but they have horrible side effects and are expensive. Why not shift your dependence to something that you can utilize anywhere in the world and at any time.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t a cost associated with meditation, because I firmly believe there is. It is actually extremely expensive, being as the only way you can pay for the practice is through the most limited resource you are provided with – your time.

Dare to invest?

As I had recently mentioned on social media, I have now completed Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Progressive and Intensive Workshops. I will let you know in advance that I am not being paid to link to his work, or highlight my experience in any way. I just think it was one of the best educational experiences in meditation one can get in a relatively short amount of time. This was not my first interaction with Dr. Joe’s work, as I attend a Science and Spirituality Conference in 2018. At this weekend event, I was lucky enough to participate in a massive group meditation that solidified my calling to this approach to restructuring the mind and spirit.

I have now had some time to digest the experience, and am now willing to reveal what came up for me during the lectures and guided meditations. This was an emotional unwinding for me, and I hope that even a small portion of the mental shifts that took place will be lasting.

Stay tuned into the blog for more to come.

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