A Guide For The Mother To-Be A Guide For The Mother To-Be
Finding out that you are pregnant is an exciting time for a new mother to be. Whether it is the first child or the... A Guide For The Mother To-Be

Finding out that you are pregnant is an exciting time for a new mother to be. Whether it is the first child or the fith, you begin to start processing all the changes that are going to take place in your body and your life. You immediately hear good and bad pregnancy stories from good wishers and receive plenty of advice on what to do to ensure a healthy baby. 

When you first find out that you are pregnant you should immediately choose an Obstetrician, and make an appointment to visit a medical professional.

Seeing the doctor is the first step

The doctor will tell you everything you will need to know to stay healthy during pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. The most important thing that will be stressed is to eat healthily and take prenatal vitamin supplements that will help you nourish the baby from the beginning. The doctor may also help you make choices that will ensure a healthy lifestyle and will answer any question you may have. 

A doctor’s valuable advice will help take the fear out of labour and the delivery process and bring you up to speed about any warning signs to you might look out for. Women have to seek the expert advice of professionals such as doctors like Dr Rahul Sen obstetrics to help them through this joyous time. 

Eat Healthy and stay active

After seeing and receiving instructions from the doctor, the mother to be aught to plan activities that will help keep her active. Usually, during the first few months, most women can continue with their normal daily activities as long as they are comfortable. Many women who are employed work up until their last weeks of pregnancy, but again, comfort and good health measures should be put in place to ease this transition.

Other important things to do along with eating healthy, and exercising, is drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of rest. If you are one who takes prescription medications or over the counter medicine, inform your doctor of this during the first visit. It is not a good idea to stop taking any medications you on currently taking prior to speaking with a medical professional. The doctor will let you know which of the medicines are safe to take. Do not leave out anything, transparency is key.

Protect yourself, protect your baby

New mothers to be must be made aware that everything the mother does can affect the baby. Old bad habits or stress-inducing environments need to be addressed. This includes drinking alcohol and smoking, both of which can cause serious complications for the unborn child. If support is needed to accomplish this, solicit the help of family, friends, and professionals.

Any form of abuse: physical, mental, or emotional abuse will directly influence the fetus and child’s growth potential and needs to be acknowledged. The mental and emotional state of a mother to be is just as important as her physical health.

The physical and hormonal changes in the body will directly impact emotions, so remember to be gentle on yourself. It is valuable and important to have your partner present so that they can be brought up to speed on all of these changes by a medical professional as well. Many men want will be excited to be brought up to speed on the pre-natal cycle, and attend most check-ups with their expectant mother to be to gain insight on the changes of the pregnancy.

You are not alone. You are loved.

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