The procrastination bug has bit hard this week. What am I left to do? The feelings of inadequacy and frustration build as I step...

The procrastination bug has bit hard this week. What am I left to do?

The feelings of inadequacy and frustration build as I step back from that place of flow and performance just a week ago. Do I write my way through the problem or do I sit back and contemplate the areas in my life where I have fallen short in morbid self evaluation?

Do I just acknowledge the low point in creativity and move forward, or do I lay down in bed and contemplate life and feel like a failure, stuck in self-pity?

How easily we can just fall back to sleep on those days, hoping to wake up the next morning filled with supercharged thoughts. Usually we wake up again with that stuck feeling inside and automatically write-off the day before our feet hit the floor.

Most of us go through these dips in efficiency and need to climb back up on the horse; it is like a dream where you are running away from something but you can’t get your feet moving fast enough. The internal tug-O’-war begins and my instant reaction is to just go back to sleep. I just don’t have the courage today to face those feelings of inadequacy. I chose to admits defeat, crawling back in the dark corner where I hide all my other issues. I don’t want to face my problems head-on and move through them, and would rather partake in avoidance activities like cleaning the house, baking cookies and any other task that will keep me from facing reality.

Do I pick up another book and fill myself with new ideas of how other successful people have made it through rough patches in life, or do I grab life by the horns and ride through these temporary rough seas with my head held high? It’s really incredible how quickly we forget the many down cycles we have already experienced in the past and lived through. Instead of finding peace in the knowledge that we have come out unscathed we over dramatize the current experience and think it will be how we feel for the rest of our lives, completely stuck!

“The down cycle is absolutely essential for spiritual realization. You must have failed deeply on some level or experienced some deep loss or pain to be drawn to the spiritual dimension.” Eckhart Tolle.


Bounce Back


How To Bounce Back

1- Acknowledge to yourself immediately that you are in a down cycle. Face up to the fact that today you might not be perfect, and that is 110% O.K.. Shine some light on the reality of the situation. How many times have you avoided the obvious, just hoping it will go away and never does? It’s like you and reality are playing a game of ‘IT’ and you running your heart out trying to avoiding being tagged with it.

2- Help someone else out with problem or struggle they are facing. Creating an interruption to whatever story of failure and frustration you are telling yourself at that moment is some times all we need to get back on track. Being of service to others is a very effective way to disrupt your stagnancy, not to mention the good vibes that usually follow being a part of creation with someone else.

3- Keep Shooting. Do you think after a bad basketball game Michael Jordan would just go home and bake cookies and go to sleep avoiding the one thing that would help get better? Or, do you think he would he would to the gym right after the game and start practicing and refining his shot more? This winning resilient attitude is applicable to any task we are trying to reckon with. Keeping chipping away at your goal and eventually you will start grabbing hold of that much needed momentum that will pull you out of the down cycle.

Trust that these low points will come and go all the time in your life. The remedy is minimizing the time spent in negative self-criticism, and investing more time in persistence hard work. You don’t need to be perfect every day, but you do need to practice. 

What are you practicing today?


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