A quick reminder that nothing ever takes place in the past or the future, it only takes place in the NOW.   I...


Power of Now

A quick reminder that nothing ever takes place in the past or the future, it only takes place in the NOW.


I would love to place these quotes in order from ‘best to worst’ but that would show you my identification with certain messages/ideas. The identification is what I need to separate myself from, and just allow the Being of life to flow. Therefore, a simple break down of the quotes through page reference will have to suffice =)


“Every time you create a gap in the stream of mind, the light of your consciousness grows stronger” –Page.21

“All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness” –Page.24

“There is clearly an intelligence at work that is far greater than the mind. How can a single human cell measuring 1/1000 of an inch in diameter contain instructions within its DNA that would fill 1,000 books of 600 pages each?” –Page.24

“An emotion represents an amplified and energized thought pattern, and because its often overpowering energetic charge, it is not easy initially to stay present enough to be able to watch it.” –Page.27

“Emotion literally means “disturbance.” The word comes from the Latin emovere, meaning “to disturb.” –Page.29

“And every pleasure or emotional high contains within itself the seed of pain: its inseparable opposite, which will manifest in time.” –Page.31

“Pain can only feed on pain. Pain cannot feed on joy. It finds it quite indigestible.” –Page.37

“When a log that has only just started to burn is placed next to one that is burning fiercely, and after a while they separated again, the first log will be burning with much greater intensity.” –Page.42

“The secret of  life is to “die before you die” – and find that there is no death.” –Page.46

“If you cannot be present even in normal circumstances, such as when you are sitting alone in a room, walking in the woods, or listening to someone, then you certainly won’t be able to stay conscious when something “goes wrong”..” –Page.74

“You can always cope with the Now, but you can never cope with the future – nor do you have to.” –Page.85

“The past cannot survive in your presence. It can only survive in your absence.” –Page.91

“If you are drawn to an enlightened teacher, it is because there is already enough presence in you to recognize presence in another.” –Page.105

“In a fully functional organism, an emotion has a very short life span. It is like a momentary ripple or wave on the surface of your Being. When you are not in your body, however, an emotion can survive inside you for days or weeks….” –Page.120

“Surrender – the letting go of mental-emotional resistance to what is – also becomes a portal into the Unmanifested.” –Page.134

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!” –Page.142

” This false, mind-made self, the ego, feels vulnerable, insecure, and is always seeking new things to identify with to give it a feeling that it exists.” –Page.151

“Every addiction arises from an unconscious refusal to face and move through your own pain.” –Page.152

“Avoidance of relationships in an attempt to avoid pain is not the answer either.” –Page.153

“It is not easy to live with an enlightened person, or rather it is so easy that the ego finds it extremely threatening.” –Page.161

“Being an outsider to some extent, someone who does not “fit it” with others or is rejected by them for whatever reason, makes life difficult, but it also places you at an advantage as far as enlightenment is concerned.” –Page.173

“Forgiveness of the present is even more important than forgiveness of the past. If you forgive every moment – allow it to be as it is – then there will be no accumulation of resentment that needs to be forgiven at some later time.” –Page.178

“The ultimate effect of all the evil and suffering in the world is that it will force humans into realizing who they are beyond name and form.” –Page.179

“The down cycle is absolutely essential for spiritual realization. You must have failed deeply on some level or experienced some deep loss or pain to be drawn to the spiritual dimension.” –Page.183

“…whenever you are unhappy, there is the unconscious belief that the unhappiness “buys” you what you want. If “you” – the mind – did not believe that unhappiness works, why would you create it?” –Page.189

“Negativity is totally unnatural. It is a psychic pollutant…” –Page.189

“Forgive yourself for not being at peace. The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace.” –Page.194

“Just as you cannot fight the darkness, so you cannot fight unconsciousness. If you try to do so, the polar opposite will become strengthened and more deeply entrenched.” –Page.203

“Let me give you a visual analogy to illustrate the point I am making. You are walking along a path at night, surrounded by a thick fog. But you have a powerful flashlight that cuts through the fog and creates a narrow, clear space in front of you. The fog is your life situation, which includes past and future; the flashlight is your conscious presence; the clear space is the Now.” –Page.207

“If you resist or fight unconscious behavior in others, you become unconscious yourself.” –Page.213

“The acceptance of suffering is a journey into death. Facing deep pain, allowing it to be, taking your attention into it, is to enter death consciously. When you have died this death, you realize that there is no death – and there is nothing to fear.” –Page.223

“Nobody chooses dysfunction, conflict, pain. Nobody chooses insanity. They happen because there is not enough presence in you to dissolve the past…” –Page.228

Try not to comment with a favourite quote! It is hard not to attach and get excited about one idea, isn’t it? Not to worry, not even Einstein completely mastered this skill of being 100% connected with the present at all times.


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