You Too Might Pick These 6 Personal Goals For 2017 You Too Might Pick These 6 Personal Goals For 2017
Making New Year resolutions is a bit like having a German shepherd for a pet: fun to play with but difficult to maintain. At... You Too Might Pick These 6 Personal Goals For 2017

Making New Year resolutions is a bit like having a German shepherd for a pet: fun to play with but difficult to maintain. At the start of January, many individuals resolve to better themselves; aiming for productivity in the future days. However, there is a small percentage of people who actually stick to their resolutions. It’s hard to maintain the same enthusiasm once the confetti has been swept, but it is not impossible.

This year I have managed to hand-pick 6 high-yielding, accomplishable goals that are bound to make 2017a success for you, me and anyone who follows suit!

Pick up a hobby

A hobby is more than just a way to have fun. You might not get paid to do it, but, as an adult, the pursuit of pleasurable activities during your free time can be an affordable luxury. Pick up a hobby that has multiple benefits.

This year, I choose to seek nature through gardening activities. There is an obvious benefit of growing your own fruits and vegetables in your garden, as well as letting flowers bloom in early spring. Nurturing a plant from seed to fruit bearing will reduce the levels of physical stress and reinforce your ability to bring positive change in the world.

Add fun to your schedule

Childhood should not be the only phase when a person is allowed to ‘act their age’ and have fun. Growing up and entering adulthood brings you an era of new and better opportunities. Therefore, adults should play, sing, dance or do anything else that they enjoy. Having fun increases creativity, productivity and the feelings of well-being.

Strengthen social ties and stay connected

It is healthy to reconnect with people when you’re stuck in a social vacuum. If I had to compare the attained milestones in your weight loss journey with the idea of having friends around when you need them, the latter has bigger, better perks.

A 2010 study by the journal of PLoS Medicine suggested that a lack of social bond can damage your health as much as alcohol abuse, smoking and obesity.

Feel like old friends and family have moved to the way side? Put your newly updated smart phone to better use and give your mates a call. The technology-fixated era has made it easier for everyone to stay in touch and rejuvenate relationships with parents, relatives and friends.

Save money: ditch the ATM card

How can I stop my bank account from rupturing like a blood vessel? Bidding farewell to my ATM card and saying ‘no’ to impulse purchases at the mall would be a start. It’s just too easy to gather quick money at the local cash machine when you’re craving for a McDonald’s chocolate sundae at 2 am.

Instead of conveniently flashing your platinum card at the checkout till, figure out how much cash you need for the day’s purchases and get at least a week’s worth of walking-around money. With limited cash on your hands, you are bound to think thrice before making spur-of-the-moment transactions on unneeded items!

Consume less carbs and move!

The most obvious reason for setting a New Year’s low-calorie resolution is to lose weight. While you’re aiming to look lean and smart, healthy eating puts you at a lesser risk of contracting diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart problems. However, it’s hard to reduce body fat when there is so much contradictory information on what to eat and how to exercise.

When it comes to losing weight, keep things simple. Eat a balanced meal of carbs, proteins and good fats, along with fat-cutting herbal teas. If you gained a few pounds over the holiday season, resolve to eating smaller portions in 2017 and replace your regular juices with herbal drinks.

As far as ‘movement’ is concerned, it doesn’t matter what you choose to do, as long as your mind and body feel comfortable with the exercise. Get up every 20 minutes and do a stretch or join the local dance class! It is entirely up to you.

Work on self confidence

What defines you as a person is your belief in your abilities and inner capacities to get what you want. It is not an overstatement when they say that confident people are happier, more relaxed, more willing to take chances and more likely to succeed. One way to boost your self-confidence is to accept your potential and give yourself credit for what you do towards the achievement of your goals.

Second and most importantly, learn to avoid perfectionist thinking. While we most certainly want to better ourselves, it is healthier to think in positive terms than to pinpoint your own shortcomings.

My biggest hope is to make 2017 a year of self-love and discovering your hidden talents. I may not be able to shed pounds or boost metabolism exactly the way that I have planned, but as long as I can accomplish each of the above mentioned tasks in small, commendable ways, I’ll be satisfied when I see myself in the mirror by the end of the year.

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