I sit down to write on this beautiful morning and I am left with a blank slate! I struggle to come up with any...
Writer's Block Help

Writer’s Block Help

I sit down to write on this beautiful morning and I am left with a blank slate! I struggle to come up with any ideas, motivation, or writing power!

Taking the time to stimulate my mind, I start to review the media streams of leaders in the empowerment field, but I still feel exhausted of ideas! I start to get frustrated and wonder why some days I am incredibly powerful with my dictation and the ideas are just flying through my mind, and other days I am just stagnant!

“What is going on here?” I ask!

My ability to be a A-list blogger has come to a halt and my creative powers are elusive today! Oh, the drama!

I feel this expectation to perform and yet the harder I try to come with my brilliant ideas, the further I get from a solution.


What can I do about it right now? How I can stop spinning my wheels?

  1. Recognize that producing content just to for the sole purpose of getting another post out there might jeopardize my communities respect for my work. Quality content matters. “Content is King”
  2. Review comments from previous posts to see what the community wants to learn about and write about that.
  3. Forcing out a post will never produce top-notch content. My best work has always seem to just ‘come from nowhere’, and I never had to wrestle with the ideas.
  4. Review emails I have received from community members for ideas.
  5. Solve a problem or question a community member has shed some light on.
  6. Visit competitors sites within the same theme or genre of my site and begin to interact with their posts, via comments and insights.

The important point to recognize is that it isn’t always about YOU. There are several benefits from placing honest interest in the work of others, and idea generation is one of the best results of the interactions. Many times you will review the same type of questions or concerns on your own as you view on others. This is a huge opportunity for you to solve a new problem and produce some results for a lot of people sitting in anticipation of answers!


Try to solve a problem for your readers next post and let me know how your work is received!


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