We Got Hacked! We Got Hacked!
Yes, you read that correctly! For reasons yet revealed, our site was hacked last week. I was completely locked out of the site, and was... We Got Hacked!

Yes, you read that correctly! For reasons yet revealed, our site was hacked last week. I was completely locked out of the site, and was left with completely powerless. I will admit to having a slight degree raw panic flushing over me, but the hosting provider was eventually contacted(which will remain unnamed) and they did a complete restoration of the site. Fortunately for me I got almost all of my files back, and they did eventually uncover the files in the database which had been compromised. I’m still scratching my head on what particulars the hackers might have been after in the first place, especially considering they left the Russian nuclear launch codes completely untouched that Uncle Donald gifted me this December!

I feel lucky not to have lost it all, but at the same am filled with irritation at the whole process of being yanked offline. In hopes of avoiding such an event in the future I chose to purchase safer hosting. I was initially persuaded to go with a well known company out of California, but when it came to customer care I didn’t have time to be waiting 15 minutes on the phone before reaching a real human  – I canceled their service two days later. Just before I canceled my brother in-law suggested that it might be easiest to give SiteGround Hosting a try. He had recently switched his site over with great success and hinted that a tech-newbie like myself might find some solace in their service.

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The company before I switched over to SiteGround told me once I signed up that it could take 14 days for them to switch over my site from the previous host. This was far too long in my opinion, especially considering after speaking to a customer care agent at SiteGround they assured me my site would be moved over in only a few hours! This was huge for me because I was under a serious time-crunch to switch services.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have no time to spend on hold waiting for a customer service agent from a foreign country to eventually pick up on the other end, taking me through something technical I barely comprehend in the first place. Not to say that the agents in foreign countries aren’t 110% qualified and capable of performing these tasks, but I just struggle with accents from time to time and wanted as much clarity as possible during this time of transition.

Having dealt with several customer service agents from many different hosting providers in the past, it became apparent that I had finally found something special with the  team of experts at SiteGround. Their agents were incredibly friendly and patient with me, which was huge for a sensitive guy like myself who doesn’t love change. The response times via email or phone were almost immediate in comparison to my previous hosts. SiteGround is not sponsoring this post, and has not paid me a dime to write this quick review, but I just thought it might save a few of you guys some of your own time if you were considering switching hosting providers.

This is a huge recommendation for those people out there who finally committing themselves to start their very own website/blog this year! It has been one of the best decisions I have made when it comes to expression and connection with the world. Whether you only have 1 visitor per month or 100,000 visitors, they have you covered!

Here’s to a massively successful year when it comes to connecting with you the reader, the contributor, the individual who commented, or social media sharer! I was blown away by all the positive feedback I received  last year. It served as fuel for me to persist during those dry days of inspiration – so thank you!

Feel free to click on the banner below to get connected with SiteGround and their amazing team!

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