From an early age we are told to be doctors, lawyers, nurses, and policemen. We are pushed into directions of all sorts, to...

Devotion To Dreams


From an early age we are told to be doctors, lawyers, nurses, and policemen. We are pushed into directions of all sorts, to become leaders in fields we have no passion for, but will line our pockets with spending power. We are put into categories, and co-horts defined by a formulated grade of judgement which is suppose to be consistent, but never is. ‘Teachers’ hold open the gates of pass or fail, rewarding the scholastically brilliant, awarding these individuals with esteemed letters that represent their forward progression in life. These decisive experiences impact us from a young age, shaping our self worth, holding the vicious power of judgement that may dictate how we approach job prospects and future learning decisions.

These traumatic experiences impact all of our choices for a career. ” I was no good in english class, so how could I ever become a news reporter”, or ” I failed first year economics in university, I will never be able to enter a business school and own my own company”. Our passion is killed by encounters with self doubt, and unfortunately it is our own beliefs that fuel the death of dreams. We even some times paint beautiful pictures of how successful we will be in a certain field, but because of our belief systems and story we have been telling yourself over the years excuses arise and our dreams crash and burn.

Today you sit reflecting on jobs you feel extreme passion for and never take action on because of self doubt. You feels as if the universal force is acting against you, and the probability of your success as a singer, being a designer for Nike, reporting for CNN, being a high profile neurosurgeon, or whatever excites is next to nothing. But luckily for you, these are just delusional lies are all wrong. It is time to arrest these gross lies of negative reflection, and live in strategic optimism. Always remembering that internal arrows you fire at yourself via bad thoughts create far more destruction than any external blow.

Keep In Mind 

  1. Someone else has earned this title and position before you. They faced the same doubt and struggle with the same negative internal dialogue that you are facing right now.
  2. No one in history has ever been born gifted and everyone fails their way to success, regardless of the area of study and focus. Repetition and dedication create and define your expertise, not gifted genetics.
  3. People’s opinions are usually going to be non supportive, so keep your dreams close to you and share your ideas with people who will support and encourage you.
  4. You are learning new skills and knowledge that already exist, refining the wheel, not creating a new wheel.
  5. Your Ego and Pride get in the way of  the needed disciplined and hard work that accomplish all goals.
  6. If people doubt your work and progress trust that through your hard work, you will learn from failures and correct the course. Your expertise will be born from a deliberate relentless approach, not from allowing others opinion to become your reality.
  7. If you aren’t filled with doubt and fear, you aren’t stretching yourself enough! Progress does not come with ease and grace!
  8. 100% of successful people will tell you that they accomplished their goals as a result of hard work, supportive inspiration, and an open mindset. Genius holds very little power in comparison to the daily repetition of your craft.
  9. You Are Worth It! Become a product of your hard work, and get going with your passion!


What are you working towards today?


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