A special treat for those who love numbers =) Text Message Time Wasted 1 Day Hours Worked (approx) Time Spent Texting 8 40 mins...

A special treat for those who love numbers =)

Text Message Time Wasted
1 DayHours Worked (approx)Time Spent Texting
840 mins
1 Week
402 Hours
1 Month
1608 Hours
6 Months
96048 Hours
1 Year
184092 Hours
**assuming 2 week holiday per year


The amount of time we waste each work day is staggering. Text messaging and social media takes the flow out of our work days, for the simple benefit of ‘staying in touch’. By no means am I saying stop texting and connecting with friends via social media but allocate a certain time of the day for this (right before lunch, or right after). If you are sitting in your chair feeling sorry for yourself today because your boss isn’t nice enough, or you don’t get paid enough, or your friend John got the promotion and not you, why not take this time to put in work and create more value. The edge you gain from being in the creative flow will be much more prosperous for you in the long run. Sitting drowning your sorrows via text message to a friend who should be doing the same really sacrifices more time than we think.

Get started today by making a specific time each day you will have 10 minutes set aside to use social media instead of the various times during the day that interrupts flow and precious focus.

As always, please comment, share, and connect with any of the ideas shared in these posts, building on the knowledge together!

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