The Single Best Thing You Can Do To Stop Trump Dead In His Tracks The Single Best Thing You Can Do To Stop Trump Dead In His Tracks
If there is one thing you can do to support the likes of Hilary or Bernie, it is to not click on a single... The Single Best Thing You Can Do To Stop Trump Dead In His Tracks

If there is one thing you can do to support the likes of Hilary or Bernie, it is to not click on a single post written about Trump from now on. Maybe I’m biased, or maybe I’ve been made privy to the sacred ability to critically assess people who consistently treat people unfairly, but the spread of this toxicity that is Donald Trump needs to cease and desist immediately.

I don’t know about you, but it sure doesn’t make me feel good to read about the atrocious things that take place and are vocalized at his speeches and rallies. As you skim through the plethora of posts written about him every day on Huffington Post or CNN, do you notice how challenging it is not to click on every ridiculous headline you come across? To think in 2016 that the mockery Trump is making of the land of the free and the home of the brave is repulsive. Well my friends, worry no more! We have an ingenious solution to this problem that everybody can easily partake in.

Have you noticed the increase in frequency of posts about Trump on major media sites over the last six months? Do you honestly think Trump’s daily actions would merit headline attention day after day? Or is there a part of you that wonders what other invisible hand is at play to ignite this kind of mass appeal?

I would quickly like to draw your attention to the fact that media companies like CNN and Fox news are businesses first and foremost with revenue being the driving force of their attention, rather than covering on actual global events that we need to brought up to speed with every day.  You will slowly start to recognize that the content that these companies regularly put forth is based on the simple metric of traffic or views per post. If a topic is being covered and has little to no click through rate then the chances of you seeing more articles about that same story or topic are usually slim to none.

The simple equation looks something like this.

[1] An editor of a site submits an article that is “news” worthy to go live to their website in the morning.

[2] The editor reviews the post at the end of the day to see how much traction the post got through how many views, likes, shares, tweets, and comments were made about the post.

[3] If the post has gathered a lot of attention that day, the editors of that site will try and spin another article on to continue to ride that hype wave. The more views, social media shares, and clicks they get for each post the higher the post will rank in search and the more money they will earn from advertisers.

[4] Editor then follows traffic patterns for newly spun posts in hopes of seeing the same traffic trends(views).

[5] Rinse and repeat, over and over again until traffic stats go down.

“News” companies work through this simple formula rather than highlighting vital information that the world needs to to be informed about. What better way to gain traffic than to continuously put forth content on their sites that they knowingly expect to generate disgust and hatred. It is a far to common occurrence that we unconsciously choose to engage in conflict that creates nothing but tension in our lives, and it sure as hell doesn’t leave us feeling empowered. But, just as these companies uses these simple psychological principles against us week after week, we too can reengineer their formula and use it against The Donald through use of DNE(Do Not Engage). Mark Twain once said, “never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” I might expand on those sentiments with the idea of not engaging with bullshit ideas, and bullshit people, because all it leaves you with is shit.

These media monsters are fishing for traffic with every single post they put out to the world, so the next time you see an engaging headline about Trump all you have to do is resist that visceral temptation to click, and quietly say to yourself DNE, and simply scroll right on past the post.

Slowly with more and more people ignoring content written about Trump, less and less resources will be allocated for posts to be written about him, because the lack of attention = lack of revenue. These companies will invest less and less money covering his press, which will in-turn kibosh the transfer of Trump’s tomfoolery he has leveraged so well against the American people.

Invest in love, invest it the good things, invest in ideas that move the global heartbeat even a tenth of a degree towards the good today. You would be surprised of the impact you can have in this world, and it all might start with a simple smile you give to a stranger on the street.

Remember, it all starts with you!




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