The Impact Of Your Art Is Immeasurable The Impact Of Your Art Is Immeasurable
Our ability to leave a mark on another’s heart is unfathomable. The seed that is that expression rarely blooms with the same impact and... The Impact Of Your Art Is Immeasurable

Our ability to leave a mark on another’s heart is unfathomable. The seed that is that expression rarely blooms with the same impact and bounty as we imagine. The inevitable impact is rarely fully grasped. Whether self-deprecation or doubt causes us internally armour up, the internal resistance to create is very palpable.

Whether you were an artist conveying a message via spoken verb in a rap battle as Eminem did, or you were a young man composing timeless musical delights as he was going deaf like Ludwig van Beethoven, the reach of your expression is often limitless.

Do you think a troubled graffti artist living in New York, who would created some of his most valuable work while dressed in Armani suits, thought his work would ever reach me, and inspiring creation in my own world here on a small island off the coast of Vancouver? Well, that is precisely what took place in the case of Jean-Michel Basquiat, and his unique flair for criticism of social class structures through his painting.

The point of creation is for it to be shared. The energy that came into existence from within must be surrendered and planted into the world without expectation of a blooming horizon. Getting around the barrier of internal criticism is a dance we all have to master if you plan on releasing anything of substance into this world. Latching onto your ability to be vulnerable, this will be a trademark that your brandname and work can build a lasting foundation on. The indelible mark you will leave on the minds and hearts will be recognized as an act of courage tend to avoid mustering.

With this latest group of mass shootings, I can’t help but wonder what degree of genius has additionally been ripped from us, and will never be brought forth into this world as a result of these innocent lives being taken from us. How many of those victims were themselves just on the precipice of breaking through the barriers of self-doubt with their own creative ideas.

The graveyard is where you will find the hopes and dreams that never had the chance to be fulfilled, the inventions that were never shared, and the cures that were never discovered, all because of a self manufactured fear of judgment that boils through all of our veins prior to launch.

As you sit and stew, and get in the way of your own inner brilliance, you might take a moment right now and remind yourself that you may never be able to fully grasp the power and impact of your own creation. You may also not have another chance in life to bring this art you are holding so closely to life. Potentially you might even ponder on the notion that the creative juices that first ignited this idea in your mind weren’t even originate from you, but rather a source of life that works its way through all of us, and therefore can’t ever be rejected.

You are loved. You are worthy. You are brilliant. Release, create, let go of, and connect with that voice that keeps calling you back to that vision you holding so tightly to yourself. We need your creation.

Today is your day to free that expression.

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