These Beautiful & Brazen Women Will Fire You Up
We may as well start things off with my personal favourite  (: If you liked those, make sure you...
Dante, What Are You Looking At? [VIDEO]
These Nike commercials just keep on getting better and better. This one gave me goosebumps!
Former neo-Nazi Credits An African-American For Changing & Saving His Life [VIDEO]
It’s quite timely that both of these videos came out this week. I think a lot of people will...
First Doesn’t Always Mean Best [VIDEO]
We are bread and shaped to believe that the finish line is the only marker we need to place our eyes on. “My baby is really advanced for her age” “My son is always on the honor roll” “I was the first person to finish the test” “My new... Read more
This Russian Teen Born Without Fingers Becomes A Celebrated Pianist [VIDEO]
If you were looking for some validation of your excuses for not chasing after your dreams today, you won’t find it here. Alexey Romanov began learning how to play the piano after he was taught how to read sheet music by a friend. He dedicated his life to the... Read more
Could This One Tip From Prince EA Be The Key To Unlocking Your Goals? [VIDEO]
Here Are Some Brain Games To Help Tuesday Afternoon Pass By
                                                                Read more
This Is For All Of You Who Were Told To Peel Back The Layers Of The Onion
Why are we always told to, “peel back the layers of yourself like that of an onion”? How the fuck did we get to the place in life where we use the comparison of a household cooking staple with emotional exploration? When was the last time you peeled an onion and... Read more
Over 1500 People Have Read As A Man Thinketh – Have You?
It always amazes me how quickly people will run out to the store to purchase a book written by Tony Robbins or Wayne Dyer during tough times in their lives, in hopes of learning techniques to better or make sense of their life. These books are usually a couple hundred pages long and... Read more
The #IStandUp Campaign Has Started And Needs Your Support [VIDEO]
Here is a powerful new marketing campaign exposing just how terrifying it is for women to continually be the focus of objectification in the mass media. If they’re not obsessed with achieving a thigh gap, they’re likely attempting to plump their lips to Kylie Jenner standard. But, Women Not Objects... Read more
These Woman Are Taking A Stand Against The Objectification Of Women In Ads  [VIDEO]
This is a very powerful video, that you will probably share after watching…….that’s all I’m going to say about that! Read more
8 Ways To Understand And Conquer Self-Doubt Infographic
vegasextremeskydiving Read more
J.Cole Has A Message And Perspective For You Sell-Outs [VIDEO]
J.Cole is going to rock your world some realness this morning. He clearly demonstrates that is he much more than platinum selling rapper with the insight he provides Angie in this video.   This clip is from an interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1. For the full interview,... Read more
This Harvard Professor Says There Are At Least 8 Different Types Of Intelligence [VIDEO]
The double edged sword that is academia may serves far less purpose in our lives than we think. We do you think your intelligence resides in regards to these eight different intelligences? It’s great to have language and logical intelligence, cause most tests really focus on that. And if... Read more
Potent Quotes To Change Your Day
Are you ready for some thought provoking quotes that might just change your perspective for the week? Let me know which quote is your favorite in the comment sections below and why!   “I would rather live my life as if there is a god and die to find out... Read more