Stressed About School? Reset Your Mind With These Helpful Tips Stressed About School? Reset Your Mind With These Helpful Tips
Rapidly Changing Academia Students may feel like they are walking on eggshells regarding their education at institutions of higher learning. If all signs are... Stressed About School? Reset Your Mind With These Helpful Tips

Rapidly Changing Academia

Students may feel like they are walking on eggshells regarding their education at institutions of higher learning. If all signs are pointing to a future where automation and AI replace human workers in many jobs, what’s the point of traditional education?

The reasons students stress over academia and their futures is understandable. The choices a student makes regarding their school, finances, and career path can make transitioning into adulthood rocky.

  • Fears over amassing student debt
  • Challenges finding work that pays enough after graduation
  • Feeling a disconnect from academic institutions and methodology
  • Worries over disappointing friends, family, and professors

There is a trade-off for the cost of attending a fine academic institution. Parents have hopes that the school their child attends will give an advantage in the workplace. Ivy league institutions promise admittance to prestigious network connections and handsome monetary compensation after graduation.

However, what about the average student? Most students are more likely to afford attendance at a community college while working or may attend a cheaper public institution than a private one.

The Power Of Portfolios Over Resumes

Unlike the resume and cover letter which only show a limited fragment of a student’s prowess and acumen for success, a student portfolio proves the potential and ability is actual.

Feeling a bit skeptical? Consider these factors about a portfolio before making a final decision.

  • Portfolios establish yourself as a brand and as a professional
  • A portfolio offers more memorability than a business card or email address
  • Readily change your portfolio as your skills develop and you sharpen your vision

Building a portfolio, or body of work, is easier than you think. You can easily go online and find a platform to start writing, uploading videos, and even designing course materials of your own to teach others what you know.

Aside from being forward thinking about the coursework that a student decides to take on, it is vital to build hands-on experience, experiment with ideas, and put gained information into practice.

Focusing on what you create, after building off of your academic experiences, and how you filter information can give you greater satisfaction in life.

A portfolio displaying created projects, published websites, and media, or interactive videos give employers a wider view of what a candidate brings to the table. A portfolio is one of the top assets that a student needs to have to improve their career and life prospects in an uncertain future, which is rapidly integrating with technology.

Valuing Mental Health

When examining the performance of students, and adjusting to academic life on a college campus, you cannot ignore the power of the mind.

Yes, students may use their mind to cram for exams, write papers, and pour over lengthy texts of required reading. However, learning to use your mind as required for academic life can be stressful.

It’s easy for students to slip into depression, anxiety, or start abusing substances to feel liked and fit in socially.

Looking at social media can be damaging when a student is unable to filter between fantasy and real life.

Students may feel afraid to speak up about how panic attacks, confusion, mounting stress or feeling socially alienated between the demands of school. However, students should recognize that they are not alone and professional help is available.

Finding healthy outlets for reducing stress, reframing one’s mindset for positive and beneficial actions, and focusing on building a bright future can help.

The key to a successful career and financial future is in embracing individuality and innovation, developing soft skills, and creating solutions. Students should take back their sense of power and control over their destiny via creation.

Shift Your Thinking And Claim Your Future

Academic institutions can only present pertinent information to students. However, it is up for students to think out of the box and go beyond the traditional methods of application of information. It may seem scary at first, but fortune favors the brave.

Students should seek camaraderie with like-minded individuals on their campus, confer with experienced faculty, and ask questions. Students who seek out ways to create opportunities for themselves to learn more beyond the classroom, make a connection to potential co-workers and employers, and develop a rich portfolio, will prosper.

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