The perfectionism bug stings! How many people do you know struggling with perfectionism?, or maybe even some of them will label themselves as...

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The perfectionism bug stings! How many people do you know struggling with perfectionism?, or maybe even some of them will label themselves as a perfectionist independently of  your judgement. Now look at their body language, look at their general mood, listen to their non-tolerenace and narcissism. Think about how they hold themselves in social gatherings. Paint a picture of this person you are holding in mind, and what do you see?

Do you see ‘joie de vivre’? Or do you see someone in terminal frustration, doubt, and lacking overall contentment? In the mind of a perfectionist they are never good enough to the world and always need to bring more to the table.  This mindset evolves serious contentment issues in life. So, how perfect does that seem after all? The people I come across every week struggling with self-worth issues sit in a place of never been good enough, trying to alter themselves to please someone that will never be satisfied, and struggling to create a self that is above the rest (never happens folks!).

The most typical focus people with perfectionism struggle is the obsession with physical attractiveness. They strive to have the most perfect hair, incredible style, beautiful skin, flawless physique and straight white teeth (Top-Shelf Everything). They wake up in the morning and the first thoughts begin and a self-critic unleashes brutal lashing on yourself worth before you leave the bedroom.

This terminal uniqueness continues through their day showing up in the their posture, the food they eat, how they communicate with people, and the activities they connect with (really, the list is endless). But the more dramatic part of their day is going on between their ears (self critic). This evolving story of not being good enough pounds on their cranial walls all day, straining their emotional well-being, the relationships they hold, and energy they exuded to the world around them.


Are you in a place of complete judgment all day of yourself and others?

What kind of mood usually follows this thinking pattern? Are you feeling filled with joy yet?

Do you gleam with beauty, or are you carrying tension between your brows, eyes, and jaw?

How is your posture? Do you feel relaxed and at ease in your own skin? Or are you constantly reviewing your body image and posture, holding in your stomach so flab doesn’t fold over when you are sitting down (heaven forbid people saw that). How is the tension in your shoulders and solar plexus?


Basically you were in a mental battle all day, in a place of tension, not exuding positive vibes to the great people you have around you and then you go home look in the mirror and wonder why ‘that something’ is still missing in your life! Exciting isn’t it?

How about all the people you had to impress all day? Do you think they will lose one wink of sleep tonight because of the way you looked or presented yourself to the world today? Chances are slim to no chance in hell!

What about all the neglect you have for your nervous system and they influence is has on your metabolism and aging process? You went through the whole day without any concern for the cortisol and adrenalin levels that are pulsing through your system did you? You neglected to study the impact of disruptive sleeping patterns from the weeks, months and years before today, didn’t you (they add up fast, real fast)! And, on top of that, the people that could really make you feel loved don’t really want to spend much time with you because you are constantly in a place of negativity, you suck the life out of their souls and you both know the relationship isn’t right, fair, or healthy. The only real connection you have to the world is in the delusional statements you keep telling yourself all day, and they create a world filled with irritation and anxiety.

How much this rings true for you? Had enough of the battle and need a way out? Want to know the quick and easy solution to your problems?

Quick and Easy Solution!

– No one really cares what you do, what you look like, how much money you have, or who you associate with. Most people are far too concerned with their own mental story they carry! They just want to feel connected with someone who really cares about them! If you are in a mindset where the world only revolves around you, how much can you really contribute to the well being and support of others?


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What are your solutions you use?

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