Does the concept of life without boundaries exist? If you say no, then what do you think the boundaries are, and how did they...

Does the concept of life without boundaries exist? If you say no, then what do you think the boundaries are, and how did they get there in the first place?

Senario 1

Imagine you were falling behind schedule one day and got to your math lecture with only a couple minutes remaining in class. As soon as you get comfortable in your seat, class is over and people are scurrying for the exits. On the chalkboard were two math questions and you jot them down, anticipating them to be the homework assignment. Feeling disgruntled you missed the lecture and concerned with falling behind in your studies, you head home to work on the assignment right away. The assignment seems very challenging, but you are hopeful that you can find the solution to these questions because you assumed other students in class would be able to handle the questions, and so should you. You keep working on the questions with great persistence, and three days later you have an answer to the problems and hand the thought to be homework assignment in.

A couple days later your professor knocks on your door with the assignment in hand with a wild look on his face. Being confused why he was there and how he found out where you lived, you are worried he must be really disappointed with your work you. It turns out that what you solved were actually two statistical theory questions that up until that date you were consider unsolvable.

That is exactly what Gorge Dantzig did.



Senario 2

Imagine you are fine tuned track athlete that worked your way to the top, and are considered to be one of the finest runners in Britain. You are then selected to represent England at the Olympics in Helsinki in 1952. You have trained you heart out and set a British record for the 1500m at the games, but fell short when it came to a long desired medal. Having been filled with disappointment and frustration, you go home and begin an even more diligent training regime instead of throwing in the towel of defeat.

Persevering the ups and downs of life you are still confident in your athletic ability, and  are certain there is room for improvement in your times, and you begin to slightly improve your speed. Then in May 1954 you run your most impressive race to date and they announce your race time as 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds. You become the first person in history to ever complete the 4 minute mile.

Roger Bannister accomplished this remarkable feat that was thought to be impossible up until that date.


Roger Bannister 4 Minute Mile



Although remarkable in their accomplishments by most standards nether Roger or George would be considered to be brilliantly gifted people. They are not the unicorns that we see superstars as, but rather extremely hard working individuals who took the time to develop their beliefs and neglect limits. It is amazing what ordinary people can accomplish when they don’t have someone telling them they can’t do it!


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