Merry Christmas to all!!   As the year comes closer to an end it is vital to review where you are struggling, and what...

Merry Christmas to all!!


As the year comes closer to an end it is vital to review where you are struggling, and what lessons you have learned throughout the year. How have you learned from these precious experiences, whether it be with loved ones, work, social life, health, investments, etc? How did you go about correcting the problem?; was it listening, speaking, writing, teaching?

The importance of valuing each learning experience can help you understand why you forget some skills and knowledge base quickly. We tend to go to seminars and listen with 100% of our heart and mind and take a few notes, but constantly come home and forget some points that were made and wish you could have the information on audio, or video to review at your pleasure. Why is that?, well as Tony explains we don’t even soak up 50% of what we have heard or written down, the value comes from teaching and activating the learned information by activating the central nervous system, so we get an almost emotion connection with the new information our minds are attempting to process and store.


Do you find that teaching facts or findings to other people helps to cement something you have learned in your memory better than just listening, reading, and writing the information down ?


  • Jennifer Strigle

    December 25, 2012 #1 Author

    Dear Tony,
    I did not know about you till I heard about you from a doctor during the summer this year. He come on so strong in a positive manner to look you up on the internet. You are perfect for me to train me for my dream goal (career).
    I have a coach. She told me I need to write a book.. I am working hard on it.
    I have been watching your youtube videos. I have learned more then I can explain. A lot of it has been reminders at a stronger and different point of view. I have raised my standers for 2013 and I am working on my rituals. We barely have enough money, but that doesn’t matter 100%. Determination and ambition is what gets you were you want to go.
    I have four goals for 2013. I think that is enough.
    I have had many times in my life I was suppose to dye. There is a reason why I am still standing in this planet.

    Thank you Tony.


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