Harland’s Story Will Definitely Shake Up Your #MondayMotivation Harland’s Story Will Definitely Shake Up Your #MondayMotivation
At the age of 5 his father died. At the age of 16 he quit school. By the age of 17 he had already been... Harland’s Story Will Definitely Shake Up Your #MondayMotivation

At the age of 5 his father died.

At the age of 16 he quit school.

By the age of 17 he had already been fired from 4 different jobs.

At the age of 18 he got married.

Between 18 and 22 he worked on the railroads, but eventually was let go from that too.

He did experience a little bit of joy during those years, becoming a father in his 19th year. Unfortunately, the following year his wife left and took their baby with her.

He decided to joined the army, but was washed out of that too.

He put himself through the paces further his education and later applied to law school, but was rejected.

He gave automotive product sales a shot, but that didn’t work out either.

To make ends meet he tried out a new a new line of work as a cook and a dish washer at a small cafe. The hospitality industry is where he spend the rest of his days in and out of hotels and the kitchen. He eventually retired after living a mediocre hard life.

At this point in life he felt he had reached his tipping point, and felt there was nothing else to persist for, and decided it was best to take his own life.

He went to write his last will and testament under a tree, but an unlikely thing happened, he began to feel inspired to write a list of things he still wanted to experience. But to have these experiences before he died h would need to amass a certain amount money that he just didn’t have. There was one thing he knew he could do better than anyone else he knew that might help him make a few dollars, and that was to cook. It dawned on him that might really be his opportunity for success, and a reinstated zeal for life started to rush through his veins again.

He took out a quick loan and against his next retirement check, and this allowed him to buy the ingredients he would need to get his new business up and rolling. His secret friend chicken recipe was always thoroughly enjoyed, so he took his delicious fried chicken door to door to sell to his neighbours. It was widely accepted in the neighbourhood, and from there his momentum started to take form. Today we know this man as the founder of KFC to be Colonel Harland David Sanders.

If this once suicidal man can persist after all those discouraging years and events, imagine what you can do with the rest of your very own years. If you think you are down and out in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s, with nothing to look forward to, you are sadly mistaken!


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