Fighting doubt and fear is a life long struggle we all face. No one today is free from fear, even if you carry...

Ai Weiwei Speaks out


Fighting doubt and fear is a life long struggle we all face. No one today is free from fear, even if you carry a monastic composure with your outlook. We are bombarded with negative internal dialogue daily that derails us from our enlightened journeys to goal attainment. This learned skill-set to master fear is available to all of us, but most of the time we learn from leaders who challenge their barriers for the growth and betterment of all. This weeks brave leader who conquers doubt and fear is Ai Weiwei, a dissident to China and the governmental dictatorship.


Evoke Freedom From Persistence 

Being raised by the power of communism, Ai Weiwei learned through his family’s struggles what real vision and leadership was about. His father, Ai Qing was a very brilliant poet with revolutionary visions of a ‘free’ China. His work challenged the views of China’s government and he payed dearly for his beliefs through imprisonment, torture, and exile. This cruel treatment left Ai Qing with serve bouts of depression that lead to multiple suicide attempts. Young Ai Weiwei observed this unfair treatment of his father for many years and it left unrepairable scars that have now surfaced as a vision for a freedom of speech for the Chinese people.

Years passed after his fathers death in 1996 and Ai Weiwei began receive recognition for his art and architecture. This praise lead to  art exhibitions worldwide and personal wealth, but he remained humbled by the experiences. Focusing the majority of his work to showcase communication and the empowerment of voice, Ai Weiwei began to take on the roll of a rebellious icon, leading people to freedom.

The God-like power of government control crushed most forward thinking liberals who stoop in opposition, lashing out very triumphant fury when people were detained for their voice. Now, what would you do?, continue the fight with heavy consequences looming around the corner?

You were raised by a father who wanted a better life for his fellow man, and you felt the same passion boiling inside, but fear plagued you! You were in constant internal battle, deciding how you could express your passionate work with the most impact. Pushing the boundaries with each project you seek more and more attention and support from people in your community and the worldwide press. Do you continue pushing the envelope, knowing full well at any time you could be crushed by the powers above, potentially tortured, or imprisoned for the rest of your life for the defiant work?

How easy it is for us to agree that we would stand out and push forward with our vision, but with so much at stake, where would you gain your momentum and live in optimism?

The attempts to silence him have failed, but how much longer will his journey continue without foreign support and planning?

For those who love documentaries, check out the “Never Sorry” documentary on Netflix about Ai Weiwei and his fight!

Ai WeiWei Han Pot

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