Does it ever feel like the wool is slowly being pulled over your eyes each year? “OMG Becky! The new iphone is coming out!”...

Does it ever feel like the wool is slowly being pulled over your eyes each year?

“OMG Becky! The new iphone is coming out!”

What does that even mean, new iphone?

It’s still seven-hundred…. after tax dollars, isn’t it?

Still the same shape? …The same small screen? … with the same functionality?

Does it take great pictures and video? Just like the last three models?

Ok, but now it has a beautiful plastic cover around the outside of it!!! That totally means I get to stand out in a crowd and make it really obvious that I fell hard for the bait and became another statistic!

“Becky, OMG!! You have the new iphone 5c? It is so beautiful, I’m soooo jealous. I have to get it!”

You have to get what? Is there anything really wrong with your iphone 5 now? Or, do you feel the need satiate that hunger to be temporarily “popular” for few weeks until everyone and their dog has the new iphone?

Apple has perfected the marketing tomfoolery that influences people to buy-in every year. We are the sheep slowly following our master up the hill to our cage.

Have you ever taken the time to listen to the words they use to describe the new iphone? It is basically the same iphone as last year, but with a manipulative use of jargon written in an almost poetic scripture we get lost in awe!


Here is the word for word break down of the new iphone 5c video that Apple shot!


Jony “Wanker” Ive Says,

The iphone 5c is in many ways the distillation of what people love about the iphone 5.

It’s simpler more essential yet it’s more capable and certainly more colorful


We believe the iphone is an experience, an experience that is defined by hardware and software working in harmoniously together

We continue to refine that experience dramatically blurring the boundaries between the two

Making it more powerful, intuitive and ultimately more useful,


iphone 5c is beautifully unapologetically plastic

Multiple parts have been reduced to a single polycarbonate component whose surface is continuous and seamless

I think the designs with real coherence are the results of developing form, material and color in unison,

Each element informing and in many ways defining the other, creating a significant and a meaningful design

Just as with its appearance we took the same phonetical care with how the iphone 5c feels in your hand

That sense of quality and integrity that synonymous with the iphone

That meant developing a design by creating a whole new structural architecture.

Its starts with a single piece of polycarbonate, into it which we install a steel reinforced frame, creating a bespoke assembly that doubles as an antenna,

We then ad the rear plate, we then machine holes for the buttons, insuring perfect alignment and then the entire assembly goes through multiple finishing processes, including a clear lacquer hard coat that creates a durable, and incredibly glossy surface,

This whole process culminates with in an extraordinarily rigid structure and a solid dense feel that you would not expect from a plastic product

From the beginning we wanted to design cases as colorful and as well made as the iphone itself

The soft matte micro fiber lined silicone is a very intentional contrast to the glossy hard coat finish of the iphone

The result is a case that extends and compliments the product while offering dozens of colorful combinations.




….and back to Jony “Wanker” Ive


I think it’s quite remarkable when something feels familiar and yet its new at the same time,

That is the new iphone 5c, it’s the vivid realization of hardware and software together in one device



What do you think about the wild jargon they use?

Derp Face

  • Don

    September 25, 2013 #1 Author

    Their marketing efforts certainly work. There isn’t really anything special about the new phone, but there were people lined up around the block near me wanting one. When the news interviewed a person standing in line, he equated the iPhone to a brand new Mercedes Benz car and was talking about needing to have one because it’s a status symbol.


    • growthguided

      September 25, 2013 #2 Author

      It absolutely has become a symbol that we relate to each other with!

      A tool of judgement almost!


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