An Act Of Kindness Comes Full Circle An Act Of Kindness Comes Full Circle
A man was driving along a country road and saw a car parked awkwardly by the side of the road. There stood an elderly... An Act Of Kindness Comes Full Circle

A man was driving along a country road and saw a car parked awkwardly by the side of the road. There stood an elderly lady adjacent to the car with a puzzled expression on her face. It became very apparent that she was facing some sort of car troubles. Being more than capable with a wrench he decided to pull over and then offered the lady some assistance. She then took him to the passenger side of the vehicle and pointed to the fact that her tire had somehow come off and that the car only narrowly escaped a crash with oncoming traffic.

Feeling completely overwhelmed and in shocked the young man took over and told her not to worry that he would have her fixed up and back on the road in no time flat. She showed the man where the spare tire was, and he made quick work of the unusual situation.

The woman thanked the young man and offered to pay him for his work, but he refused to take her money. Instead, he suggested his only compensation would be for her to, “just think about me when you see someone else who is in need. Remind yourself of the day that Jacob Walters helped you at the side of this good deed forward with another good deed.”

The experience was so touching for the old lady that it brought tears to her eyes. As she got back on the road she started weeping, thinking it would be wise if she stopped at the next cafe to gather herself. Still feeling overwhelmed by the ordeal she went and splashed some water on her face in the bathroom in hopes of settling herself prior to sitting down for a hot meal.

She was met there by a smiling waitress, who greeted her with excessive amounts of welcome. Noticing that the waitress was very pregnant, the old lady was blown away by how positive and full of life she was. She must have been very tired, yet she appeared to be the most pleasant person on earth.

The lady then ordered a warm bowl of soup and a cup of tea. As the waitress walked away she still couldn’t get the kindness that man showed her only minutes ago. Feeling enthused by the generous act of the man she felt it was only right to pay it forward as much as she could that day. Remembering back to the younger days when she had her child she couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to work at a diner, serving clients and being on her feet all day. The elderly woman now living a very comfortable life these days thought that it would be of no trouble for her to leave a large tip to help ease the financial burdens of the new mother to be. She ate her soup and just before leaving she wrote a quick note on a napkin and left the waitress a $500 tip and left the restaurant unbeknownst to the waitress.

A few minutes later the waitress eventually made her way back to the table to see if she needed anything else and was shock to find nothing there but a note and cash. “A nice man helped me out earlier today and I couldn’t help but feel the need to pass the act of kindness forward, so please use this money to help ease your own burdens in the next few months to come.”

Her baby was due the following month, and the next promised to be very challenging. The waitress walked on cloud nine for the remainder of her shift, thinking of how much of a blessing this money would be in her life. She finished up at work and left.

Being exhausted and emotional from such an incredible day at work she quickly climbed into bed. Thinking to herself of how lucky she was, leaned over to her husband gave him a gentle kiss goodnight and said, “I love you Jacob Walters.”

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