9 Things That Always Get in The Way of My Success 9 Things That Always Get in The Way of My Success
  Living a life filled with extreme controversy and zealous demands has never brought me much reward. It may have charmed the cautious onlookers... 9 Things That Always Get in The Way of My Success

Fear Holds Me Back


Living a life filled with extreme controversy and zealous demands has never brought me much reward. It may have charmed the cautious onlookers but it was generally a façade, masking several vulnerable layers that I would rather not expose to the world. If anything, my aggressive approach to life has brought me to a very dark void that I can linger in for days. What I gain from being in this depressive state has never been clear to me, but lets make one thing clear, I wouldn’t hang go to this mental jail unless there was some narrow form of benefit to it all.

When the time does come round where I need to face the music again, there are a few things that have really helped me climb back on that horse, riding the road to normalcy. These stark realizations have revealed themselves only from years of defeat and struggle, leaving me at a place of surrender, and redesign of life.

Although these aren’t certifiably universal, the application of these principles has never shown anything but benefit in the lives of successful mentors in my life. My hopes in outlining these points to you today is to merely give you a gentle perspective change, and the opportunity to put these mindset change skills to the test. No longer needing to live under the guise of somebody else’s expectation, liberating yourself from sabotaging thoughts.


Held Back

 9 Things I Needed To Change If I Want To Be Successful 


[1] Let go of my need to analyze my dreams to the point of submission.

Traction through action is the name of the game. Lay one brick at a time and the wall will reveal itself. You don’t need to be perfect with every choice.

[2] Let go of my need to always be understood. Some people will never see my vision, but that doesn’t mean I am off course. Trust your instincts!

Some people don’t even want to see your vision. Your critics will never help you build the wall, so stop giving them all of your attention. The wind in your sails is fueled by passion, not pessimism, so stick close to your tribe who can support you through.

[3] Let go the need to have a sign of validation.

The test of tenacity and patience will be the proof of how bad you want your dream to come to fruition. You are more than capable of accomplishing any task laid ahead of you and don’t need a sign from the heavens above that everything is going to be O.K.

[4] Let go of envy

Viewing successful people with disdain because you feel under-accomplished in comparison leaves you with a poverty mindset, not more fuel for success. The pie is big enough for everyone to have a piece, so get to work!

[5] Embrace vulnerability during times of creation. 

Vulnerability is one of the easiest ways to connect with your fellow man. Genius reveals itself when your guard is down.

[6] Allow myself to be worthy of success.

Self sabotage usually takes place from unconscious belief systems that you have been enabling for years. Stop thinking to yourself that you are separate or different from “those people” with wealth and happiness. The only difference between “those people” and you is that their internal dialogue approaches life from a point of worthiness.

[7] Let go of cynicism.

The world isn’t this scary place that you need to defend yourself from. You chose to hold the perception of contention, but you can also chose to hold the belief of connection and support. It’s a choice!

[8] Let go of the belief that my possessions will ever bring me true confidence. 

These are temporary and always fade, this leaves you more room needing to be filled in your false self. Substance rarely comes from the acquisition of things.

[9] Make self-care and improvement a priority every week. 

How many times have you gone for that run you have been putting off and then felt amazing afterwards?

How many times have you finally meditated for 20 minutes and then felt at peace with the world for the rest of the day?

This is usually followed with, “I’m definitely going to do this more often”, but rarely do we follow through with this beneficial intention. Things comes up and well-being gets placed on the back burner (shift in priorities). Discipline doesn’t take place by sitting in an arm chair visualizing how and when you will do an activity, it comes once again from tireless application.


For more tips on getting out of your own way, check out my friend Farnoosh’s article.


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  • Don

    November 27, 2013 #1 Author

    I learned a long time ago that not everyone is going to understand me. With that said, I still get caught up at times trying to better explain myself. I have to take a step back and think for a minute as to whether or not doing so is even worth my time. Most times in that situation, it isn’t worth it.


    • growthguided

      November 27, 2013 #2 Author

      When those feelings of defence arise just tell yourself “Do not engage”

      You don’t need to prove to everyone that you are worthy, smart, or justified in your view =)


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