Picture yourself sitting down at a table after having a really bad day. You are sick of the life you have and start making...

Picture yourself sitting down at a table after having a really bad day. You are sick of the life you have and start making a list of all the things you are going to do differently to change your life, starting tomorrow bright and early!


Tomorrow 7:00 am arrives, the alarm clock starts to chime and it is your turn to grab life by the horns and start taking action on all these brilliant ideas that took form last night. How many of you are getting up? How many of you are pressing snooze, insisting that you need an extra couple of hours of sleep to keep well and stay focused. You might even think that today might not be the best day to start this new plan of action?

Chances are you have pressed the alarm clock because you just don’t have the same zest for change that you were operating on the night before. Are you questioning what happened? Are you filling yourself full of critical negative self talk, or even calling yourself a failure now?

Not to worry, we all get into these types of moral dilemmas that just cause us guilt and shame from time to time. Today, let’s change that mindset together with some simple action steps.

I- Recognize You Can Change

Far too often we don’t truly believe in our own ability to change the way we live and are scared of the unknown that lay ahead of us. Tell yourself that life change is not set aside for a certain group of special chosen people, it is 100% available to you, and you are absolutely worth the betterment of your life.

II- Get An Accountability Partner

When starting on this new quest it is important to stay accountable when you are taking action. We all need someone to support and mentor ourselves through this change process. Having someone you respect and trust to bounce ideas off is a huge asset. They can help to keep you honest on your journey when you are feeling low energy or down on yourself. This extra motivation is sometimes all we need to get over the little barriers we blow out of proportion. The old saying ” birds of a feather, flock together” holds some serious validity in the change process, so try and find a partner who might be on the same path that you are setting forth on (added synergy).

III- Write Down Your Progress

Have you ever seen people who keep a notepad at the gym when they are weight lifting and wonder what they are doing? They comparing the previous weeks exercises they did and then using them as a guide to this weeks training ability, always trying to add a little more effort and strength than the week before. Most of the time we have don’t have the best sense of what we are capable of, and the act of physically writing down the progress can have great impact on obtaining your goals. If you don’t have something written down it will be that much easier to deviate from your path. We are working to get you unstuck from a previously failing mindset you had before. So go grab that pen and paper and start NOW!


What are some tips you use to get out the stuck mindset?



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