Top Thoughts Thursday – 78 Top Thoughts Thursday – 78
Top Thoughts Thursday – 78

describe it to me
remember your dreams
stop whining
fish out of water
mr rogers knows best
its going down today
today is amazing
love me please
error 404 code
move  mountains
you are allowed
I will not be stopped
Influence someone today
no more complaining
dont give in
dont forget
stomach pains
I don't Need easy

  • M@breathofoptimism

    September 25, 2014 #1 Author

    There were some good inspirational workout thoughts up there. Extra motivation is always needed and appreciated. I love top thoughts Thursday!


    • growthguided

      September 25, 2014 #2 Author

      I glad you stopped by again. I think we all need a good reminder when it comes getting active. Everything in your head can come between yourself and the gym some days (:


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