Top Anxiety Resource and Panic Attack Solution – David Barlow Top Anxiety Resource and Panic Attack Solution – David Barlow
One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of handling your anxiety and panic attacks is through diligent internal self-discovery and belief correction.... Top Anxiety Resource and Panic Attack Solution – David Barlow

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of handling your anxiety and panic attacks is through diligent internal self-discovery and belief correction. Having been victim of panic attacks for years I educated myself on a plethora of ‘solutions’: medication, counselling, diet correction, exercise regimens, clinical psychology research reviews and insightful dialogue with renown anxiety experts with little avail.

That feeling that of being completely overwhelmed, thinking that the only solution is a trip to the emergency room where I receive the typical pat on the back and confirmation that I am of strong physical health has grown old. I leave feeling dis-trot and my mind is usually then flooded with aggravating questions. Was it a stroke ? Did I just have a heart attack? Was it an allergic reaction? How come I couldn’t breathe? Have I completely fallen off of the mental cliff and need to be checked into a mental hospital? What if this happens again? Maybe I have a tumour growing in my brain that is causing all this pressure and tension in my neck and head? These deluded fear based questions lead nowhere, but are all too familiar for the average sufferer. It is the solution we are trying to focus on here so I don’t need to bore you with more dread. For those of you who fancy detail, the full reality of a panic attack can be experienced, here.

Feeling Hopeless

…..or another view on the panic experience could be that I have been priming my amygdala with self-defeating thoughts and this has unconsciously brought my nervous system to a boil point. The tipping point ensues and the sufferer loses total composure, fight or flight kicks into top gear and a flood of adrenaline blasts their senses. To an innocent bystander it may seem that the person has just seen a ghost, that they are having an asthma attack or potentially just received the worse news of their life. Their facial features say it all with a look of complete terror.

Being a typical descent human you want to provide some level of assistance and make your way over to the helpless scene and respond with ” just breathe, you’re fine”. JUST BREATHE? oh, the sweet ignorance (eyes-rolling). Telling someone to just breathe during their panic attack is like telling a blind man to see. The miracles of panic relief have yet to be proven through a nice pat on the back and suggestions of breathing regulation.

The reality is that anxiety sufferers are usually highly intelligent people who have educated themselves very thoroughly on the topic of anxiety. You could hold hour long discourse with them of the phenomena and they will tell you they just scratched the surface. If education was all it took for people to be free from a panic attack I think most psychiatrists would be out of work. It is the application process that people fall short on and look outside themselves to point blame, as if they were attacked. The sad part is the only attacker at the scene who is responsible for this torture is usually themselves.

How often have I pointed responsibility outside of myself and remained powerless, but it doesn’t need to be that way any more. If you are ready to move forward, pick up a shovel and start digging deep with David Barlow’s book. Persistence always breaks down the walls of resistance, and that resistance all anxiety sufferers carry needs to be replaced with acceptance and a passion to find a resolve. You are worth it and you will find your way out of it all.

Once I wrapped my mind around the concepts laid out in David Barlow’s book Mastery of Your Anxiety and Panic I slowly began to see results. David Barlow earned his expertise at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety, and is now recognized globally for his work.

I know the mental jail of anxiety and want to lend a voice of hope for all those people who are still suffering today. And, there are millions of you out there just like me. The World Health Organization now says anxiety is the biggest health risk they are facing. Sitting isolation is not a solution to this epidemic.

That relentless capture of ruminating thoughts and agoraphobia does eventually subside. I once thought my anxiety had reached such drastic proportions that I could never return back to a life of joy and serenity, but that never turned out to be my reality and doesn’t need to be for you either. I plead with you to hold on to a willingness to find a solution, and get back up on your feet every time you get knocked down by an extreme attack.

Would I claim to be completely free from anxiety and panic attacks? Not completely, but I live with much more freedom than I ever have lived with before, and most of the progress has taken place by creating new belief systems that control my subconscious perceptions.

It all comes down to re-rooting your belief systems, exposure therapy, CBT and dissolving perceptions that cause you no gain. To learn 3 quick solutions to anxiety and an over active amygdala, click here.

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    My life was a hell caused by my panic attacks and anxiety. I tried everything: psychologists, psychiatrists, all kinds of pills and drugs. The only thing that helped me and cured me were these techniques I found online. I hope they are useful to you.


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      Thank you for stopping by. Feel free not to make a generic spam post next time (:


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