For those who have had the pleasure of reading O g Mandino, The Spellbinder’s gift ranks at the top of his work. His work...

For those who have had the pleasure of reading O g Mandino, The Spellbinder’s gift ranks at the top of his work. His work in this book utilizes fictional characters that produce life long tips for living a long and joyous life for the reader. I thought it would be good to quote the book, to give you a good sense of what this book has to offer. What did you get from reading The Spellbinder’s Gift?


”                               XIX


You already possess all the tools and materials necessary in order to change your life for the better. In this world the greatest rewards of success, wealth and happiness are usually obtained not through the exercise of special powers such as genius or intellect but through one’s energetic use of simple means and ordinary qualities.

Do not be deceived by the brevity of these instructions. Though they contain few words, they were all drawn from centuries of experience. Old seeds the may be, yet there are all filled with new life. Review them every morning before you begin your day. After they are planted in your heart they will grow into a wondrous garden of achievement and contentment that can be cultivated, admired and harvested as long as you live….

Step One First, recognize that you are not a sheep who will be satisfied with only a few nibbles of dry grass or with following the herd as they wander aimlessly, bleating and whining, all of their days. Seperate yourself now from the multitude of humanity so that you will be able to control your own destiny. Remember that what others think and say and do need never influence what you think and say and do. Separate yourself from the crowd.

Step Two As soon as you awake, seal yourself in a day-tight compartment so that you will live only for this day and its allotted work. Yesterday has vanished forever and tomorrow is only a dream. Refuse to allow painful memories of the past or hand-wringing concerns about tomorrow to befoul your thinking so that today’s efforts are impaired. Get rid of both heavy loads, yesterday’s and tomorrow’s, so that you can advance swiftly today toward the good life you deserve. Live each day in a day-tight compartment.

Step Three Go the extra mile at every opportunity today and you will be following the greatest secret of success known to man. The one certain method of turning this day into a glorious success is to work harder, longer and more intensely than anyone expects you to do. Always render more and better service than that for which you are being paid and you will soon be paid for more than you do. Go the extra mile!

Step Four Realize that almost every adversity that may befall you today usually carries with it an equivalent or greater benefit that you will find if you have the courage to look. Collect your thoughts whenever you suffer a setback and ask yourself what possible good can be extracted from your misfortune. The scales of life always return to center, and if God closes one door to you, another will be opened. Never abandon hope. Look for the seed of good in every adversity.

Step Five Never neglect the little things. One of the greatest differences between a failure and a success is that the successful person will tackle chores that the failure avoids. Work done hastily, shortcuts taken, careless attention to details-these call all eventually wreak havoc on your career. Constantly remind yourself that if it is part of your work, however small a task it may be, then it is important. History still reminds us of ancient battles that were lost because of a missing horseshoe nail. Never neglect the little things. 

Step Six Never hide behind busy work. It takes just as much energy to fail as it does to succeed. You must constantly guard against the trap of falling into a routine of remaining busy with unimportant chores that will provide you with an excuse to avoid meaningful challenges or opportunities that could change you life for the better. Your hours are your most precious possession. This day is all you have. waste not a minute. Never hide behind busy work. 

Step Seven Live this entire day without allowing anyone to rain on your parade. The wounds to your inner self can be painful and long-lasting whenever anyone taunts or criticizes you. As you now begin to climb the golden ladder of tempt to drag you down to their level. This has always been the way of the world, and if you permit it to happen to you, the pounding you receive will eventually cause you to cease your climb in order to avoid future pain. Just smile and walk away from it. Envy always implies the conscious inferiority of others. Never allow anyone to rain on your parade.

There are hundreds of other success laws and principles in the world, and most of them would probably help you advance toward the good life you seek. However, the severn you have just received, by themselves, have more than enough power, according to their part record, to make all your dreams come true if you will review them each morning and then apply them to the hours of your day.

As a wise man once wrote, realize that between your birth and your death the hours and the days and the years will probably be many. Yet there is no cure for birth, no cure for death, so you may as well be happy with your allotted interval and live it with pride, peace, honor, love and accomplishment. Follow jus these few direct instructions every day and all that will definitely come to pass.

This very moment, through these pages, you have come to the crossroads of your life.

Your struggle has ended. God is nodding … and smiling. ”


O g Mandino, The Spellbinder’s Gift


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