Key Tips On How To Excel At Your Career and Stay Healthy Key Tips On How To Excel At Your Career and Stay Healthy
Everyone would love to excel in their respective careers. No one wants to be that sluggish employee who goes around the office every day... Key Tips On How To Excel At Your Career and Stay Healthy

Everyone would love to excel in their respective careers. No one wants to be that sluggish employee who goes around the office every day without career goals. However, it is often a common misconception that doing a great job in your work and staying healthy do not go together. This article proves this notion is wrong by giving you the ABCs on how to be on top of your career without compromising your health:

1. Bring your own bottle of water.

If you are the type to drink juice or coffee a lot throughout the day, you can break this habit by merely bringing your bottle of water. Water is always the best beverage for your body. When you keep yourself hydrated, you can increase your productivity at work as your brain is kept alive, and it fuels the energy that you highly need. Water keeps you healthy as well, as it is normal for the human body to thirst, and water cleanses your body and keeps you feeling refreshed. When you drink a lot of water, too, you end up feeling full that you will start to shy away from the sugary juices or soda that you may be used to drinking at work.

Apart from fueling up with water, you can choose to pair this by munching on healthy snacks as well from SnackNation.

2. Maximize working hours by staying away from your cell phone.

Most, if not every professional, own a smartphone. The danger in using these smartphones, however, is that because everything is at the tip of your fingers, it has become the highest source of temptation. Hence, instead of maximizing your working hours to actually do work, you lose a couple of minutes every hour by checking on your social media sites. These lost minutes add up, which could’ve been time spent doing productive work.

Because of this lost time doing unproductive things, you tend to go overtime to get things done to impress your boss, to beat deadlines, and stay on top of the game. Going on overtime hours regularly isn’t good for your health because then you lose precious time resting, eating well, and just relaxing. There’s a reason why there is an end to office hours each day. Unless it is your boss who asks for overtime work for the day, do not ask for it yourself.

3. Create a weekly assessment and plan for yourself.

If you want to be that type of employee who has a sense of accountability for oneself and one’s progress, take the time to assess your performance weekly. Do not wait for the quarterly appraisal of the company to see how you have been performing. Because you have personal career goals, you can assess yourself the most by taking time every Friday after a whole week’s work to check on what you may have achieved, and what problem areas you had.

As you assess yourself, include here a weekly work health and meal assessment as well. Recheck what you have been eating for the past week, and how healthy, or how sick and unproductive you may have been. When you do this regular weekly check, you can create your health and meal plans as well for work to purchase healthier options that are available in your canteen, and make changes to your lifestyle in areas that you weren’t physically healthy with during the week.

4. Spend your work break time productively.

When you take your break, do not give in to the office culture of gossiping or chitchatting with others, and worse, about others. This kind of behavior does not get you anywhere, career-wise and health-wise. If you spend your break time simply gossiping, you are not giving your body the movement it needs after sitting for hours locked up on your desk. Towards the end of the day, you begin to feel more unproductive as your body tends to slack and to feel the toll of the day starting to set in.

What you can do instead is to give yourself that 15 to 20-minute breather by taking a walk around the neighborhood of your office. The fresh air and movement of your body is an instant picker-upper that both your mind and body will thank you for. You will be surprised at the new ideas that you may think about as you walk, and you are giving your body the active movement that it needs daily. Remember that humans need at least 30 minutes of physical, active movement in a day to stay healthy.

5. Start each workday with a positive mindset.

A lot of successful people would say that the secret to their success is starting their day with a positive mindset. When you wake up feeling positive for the day, you are more ready to tackle whatever challenges your career may give you. Positive people also tend to be more goal-oriented and believe in themselves more that, yes, it is achievable. Health-wise, when you start your day positively, you can be more relaxed when handling stressful situations, as you do not allow these negative emotions to eat you up.

Final Thoughts

The employment hemisphere has become so competitive that it is now more critical than ever to do well in your job. This drive of yours should not, however, get in the way of maintaining your health. Health is wealth, the adage does say, and there is much truth to this. You cannot be the successful person you dream of becoming if your health suffers as well.

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