Homeless and Feeling Hopeless? These People Did Too Homeless and Feeling Hopeless? These People Did Too
Have you been going through a tough time financially? Have you found yourself even at a place where you can’t make rent... Homeless and Feeling Hopeless? These People Did Too

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Have you been going through a tough time financially? Have you found yourself even at a place where you can’t make rent and have now been kicked out?

Homeless shelters, train stations, park benches, bridges, and trucks were the homes for all of these celebrities below. Let this serve as a reminder that no matter the hardship that you are going through that it is temporary. These success stories didn’t use their temporary rock bottom existence as a barrier to their bright dreams and neither will you. Your past or current circumstances don’t ever have to serve as a reflection for your future.


Carmen Electra had all of her savings taken from her by an ex-lover at at a time she didn’t have much traction in the acting world and was left homeless.


Carmen Electra Homeless
Daniel Craig struggled early on in his acting career and slept on park benches from time to time when he couldn’t earn enough money to cover rent.


Daniel Craig homeless
David Letterman also struggled early in his career. He lived out of his pick up truck before his comedy writing skills began to get some traction and earn him a living.


David Letterman Homeless
Djimon Hounsou spent many nights camping under the stars in city parks.


Djimon Hounsou Homeless
Drew Carey sold his blood to make money when he was homeless in Las Vegas, sleeping in his car.


Drew Carey Homeless
Halle Berry spent some time in a homeless shelter when she was down on her financial stride.


Halle Berry Homeless
Heather Mills slept in a cardboard box for a few months at Waterloo Station in her youth.


Heather Mills Homeless
Hilary Swank slept in a car and in an abandoned home while trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood.

Hilary Swank Homeless

Jewel lived in a van for a period of time when she was in teenage years.


Jewel homeless
Jim Carrey grew up very poor and left school at the age of 15. He struggled in life and lived in a van before getting a job that helped keep hot food on the table for his family.


Jim carey homeless
The incredibly rich and successful John Paul Dejoria has struggled many times financially and once collected cans just to live.

John Paul Dejoria Homeless
Kelly Clarkson had her apartment burn down when she moved to Hollywood. Not knowing anyone in town she was left homeless and had no where to live until she found new vacancy some time after.


Kelly Clarkson Homeless
Kelsey Grammer use to live on the streets when life threw him struggle and family conflict.


Kelsey Grammer Homeless
Michael Oher was very famously homeless at an early age and a movie called The Blind Side was done that captured his struggle and eventual success.


Michael Oher Homeless
Rose McGowan was homeless for a year in the Pacific Northwest.


Rose McGowan Homeless
Sam Worthington lived out of his car at the age of 30.


Sam Worthington Homeless
The internet mogul and Napster boy genius Sean Parker was homeless for a short time in between failed attempts at small business start-ups.


Sean Parker Homeless

Selma Blair lived in a shelter in New York City in her early twenties.


Selma Blair Homeless

Shania Twain and her family lived in a shelter when she was growing up in Toronto.


Shania Twain Homeless
Suze Orman use to live in a van when she couldn’t afford an apartment.


Suze Orman homeless

Rocky himself struggled financially and lived in a bus station before striking it rich.

Sylvester Stallone Homeless

Tyler Perry lived in his car.


Tyler Perry Homeless
To think that the legendary William Shatner, who beamed people across space and time at one time had to live in his truck is astonishing.


William Shatner Homeless

Big thanks to Mac at Thechive for putting this list together.

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