Discovering The Connection Between Community And Your Relationship With God Discovering The Connection Between Community And Your Relationship With God
Being part of a community of individuals who are all looking for spiritual guidance and joy is beneficial in your own relationship with God.... Discovering The Connection Between Community And Your Relationship With God
Being part of a community of individuals who are all looking for spiritual guidance and joy is beneficial in your own relationship with God. When you have a system of support around you, your understanding of God’s love can only grow. It’s possible to choose your own community, and in many cases when you’ve found your home, you know it. When you feel the love, warmth, and welcome from the people who worship God like you, then you feel like you’re in paradise.


The Power of Prayer
One way that community helps is during the times of stress when you most need God to answer your prayer. A prayer chain is a way to help harness the support and energy of people in your life when it’s most needed. A sick child, an important decision, or some other life-altering event is typically put in a community’s prayer request. When everyone starts to put the request in their daily prayers, God can truly hear your voice. This powerful form of praise can help in the direst of circumstances.


Making a Mission
Church communities have been completing missions for centuries as part of their purpose to help spread God’s word and love. With the power of a group, missions can be started to help generate excitement and fellowship to new areas in need. When people in your church community come together and travel to some of the poorest nations in the world, you can truly see how the influence of your group’s contribution can lead to a better life for those in poverty.


Faith and Friendship
The reality is that once you’ve gone through school and started your career, making friends is much more difficult. If you’ve lost touch with all of your closest friends through childhood and college, you could face a lonely existence. When you are part of a church organization, you can rebuild those relationships through your faith. Working together to praise God can help you and your new friends develop stronger bonds together.


Promoting Peace
In some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, the community church stands strong. When there’s violence or turmoil, your local church can provide a safe haven for those looking for peace. Conflict can be resolved and opportunities found for those who have struggled with violence in the past. They can find a new lease on life within their church home. The truth is that throughout history, the Christian community has been a leader in promoting the power of peace and repentance.

Building Brotherhood
Fathers in today’s day and age have been increasingly not present in some families. This unfortunate fact means that more children are growing up with the absence of one parent. Behavior challenges most often occur in this situation. What can help is trusting in your community of worship to help create a new generation of men of God. When your religious organization strives to make fatherhood, brotherhood, and boyhood an important part of their teachings, it can help boost a man’s confidence and sense of purpose to himself and his family.


The Fundamentals of Fellowship
The main purpose of a religious community is to learn about fellowship and the fundamental principles that make up their beliefs. Organizations that have a strong focus on their church fellowship are made stronger. When every member knows the fundamentals of the scripture, the power of Christ, and of the will of God, more amazing things can happen. Community church organizations that stress this importance, such as The Way International, have a stronger focus and a deeper connection to their Lord.


Providing for the Poor
Traditionally, churches have always been known for their deep commitment to those who are less fortunate. The poor, the sick, or the unlucky have always been able to count on support from their neighborhood ministry. Organizations all over the country have shown how important this type of service is in order to understand the full teachings of Jesus Christ. When there is only one person who is helping, it may not be as noticeable, but with a full group of fellowship members, you can truly make a difference in the quality of life for a person.


Noticing Neighborhoods
A society of people united in Christ’s mission is also powerful in the neighborhood. Just as strong bonds of family, friendship, and purpose can be joined with a group of powerful people, your neighborhood can truly soar with the support of your local religious organization. Getting the word out about Christ and his power can help your neighbors spend more time laughing, loving, and enjoying the valuable time each person has on this earth. It can help individuals stop and slow down and take the time to have conversations with each other. With God, your community members can notice each other more and finally find meaningful relationships.


When you’re looking to delve deeper into your own personal relationship with God, look to your church community. Your church’s membership and fellowship is there to help support you on your own personalized journey to connect with God, something I completely underestimated, and now wouldn’t dare live without.


Erika Kellam


Author: Erika Kellam
She is a self-defined spiritual traveller that spends most of her time researching the relationship between God and community, throughout the world. Hoping to uncover the nuances and similarities to help others connect with a higher power.

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