Developing a Great Marketing Campaign Developing a Great Marketing Campaign
For anyone in business, it’s no secret that your products and services are just part of what it takes to make you successful. You... Developing a Great Marketing Campaign

For anyone in business, it’s no secret that your products and services are just part of what it takes to make you successful. You also need a great marketing campaign to make sure that potential customers know who you are and what you do.

Of course, that’s much easier said than done. The business world is littered with the broken pieces of companies that ruined their fortunes with poor marketing, and some of its most revered success stories involve products that weren’t necessarily revolutionary but were sold with a well-designed marketing campaign.

Determining where you’ll end up is all about making your campaign targeted but still broad, consistent yet varied, and high-tech but classic.

Confused yet? Don’t be. It’s possible to achieve all these things with a marketing campaign that will bring in the customers. Let’s pull in for a closer look:

Targeted But Broad

Every market has sections. It contains some people who are already customers of your competitors, some who are in the market but haven’t decided, and some who don’t even know the market exists. Each of those groups can be a growth sector for you if you can effectively identify and contact them.

Trade shows are a great example of that. Events like these are usually attended by people from all segments of your market. By setting up 10×10 customized tents for your business, you can position yourself right among your competitors so that you can be seen by those who already buy elsewhere, those who are still deciding where to buy, and those who are just discovering your industry.

Consistent Yet Varied

When you think of familiar logos, you probably imagine the long-standing fast-food and soda companies that have been using the same colors, fonts, and artwork that have been in place since you were a kid. But are they really that old? Do a quick search for vintage photos of their restaurants or cans, and you may quickly see that maybe there have been some significant upgrades along the way.

The technical aspects of marketing are incredibly meticulous, and many companies make subtle changes to their graphics and logos periodically. Other changes may be more significant, but either way, there’s a reason for it. By walking this tightrope between familiar and new, they remain recognizable but have just enough change to get your attention and keep the logo from blending into the landscape.

High-Tech But Classic

It seems the world revolves around social media these days, and it’s definitely an area where companies can build a market. A powerful social media campaign can reach countless viewers with minimal effort on the front end; you simply make the post, it goes viral, and the people who see it spread it for you.

At the same time, not everyone is on social media, and those who do use various platforms will still take a break from time to time. Can you access them in those off hours if you haven’t planned to reach them in low-tech ways? As dated as it may sound, billboards, TV, radio, customized ink pens, and the familiar tools of yesteryear will still grow your business.

Your business is only as successful as the marketing campaign that brings customers to you. All the innovation in the world in products and services is wasted if it doesn’t get out there and reach consumers. Achieving that goal is all about developing a broad-based campaign that is uniquely yours, but that also follows the advice we’ve spelled out here today.

With a good mix of all these strategies that provide consistent direction toward your store, website, or cell phone, you can build your business for long-term success.

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